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Welcome! Let’s get to know our neighbors.

We know genuine connections with neighbors next door and business owners down the street make for a more meaningful experience. And we believe getting to know people in our community should be simple. That’s why Stroll meets you where you’re at – your mailbox.

We are grateful to serve this amazing community.

Every month, we share stories from and about different residents within our neighborhood.

See below for a few of our recent favorites.

Spring Break in Paris


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Grilled Watermelon Salad

"a mouthwatering summer treat"

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Meet My Friend Mariah Jensen

Interviewed by Hana Callaghan, Jr. Contributor

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Tim Beringer
Beringer Fine Homes

Meet Tim Beringer, President

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9550 E. Mountain Spring Road

The Beringer Home

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Meet Suki and Tatiana

Suki: a mix of Chihuahua and Pomeranian, Tati: a mix of Chihuahua and Yorkie

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News From Copper Ridge
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Community Food & Wine Tasting

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Silverleaf is once again the neighborhood of Arizona’s most expensive home with the sale of “Altitude” for a cool $28.1 million

Altitude at Silverleaf sits on 4.6 acres and has eight bedrooms and 15 bathrooms

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Marla Walberg & Ken Harris of Silverleaf
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Kat Thatcher

Safari by Boat

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Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson

Stroll Silverleaf & DC Ranch, formerly known as North Scottsdale Pulse, has positively impacted the lives of DC Ranch / Silverleaf residents and helped build community since 2014. My wife, Marlene, and I are passionate about what we do to help build neighborhood connections and provide a compelling monthly resource where our DC Ranch / Silverleaf residents can learn about their neighbors.

We bring residents together through the publication, hosting neighborhood events, and sharing pictures and stories about their families, kids, homes, and pets. We also share where the community is making a difference by highlighting and supporting local nonprofits.

We connect families with some of the best local businesses and resources that help enrich their community experiences. If you live in the DC Ranch / Silverleaf area and would like to be featured, or if you have a business or non-profit that would want more exposure in the community, please contact us:

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