Marla Walberg & Ken Harris of Silverleaf

Family members' names:  Marla Walberg and Ken Harris
Pets: Ava and Lola, West Highland Terriers, 6 years old
Profession(s): Marla:  Pharmaceutical sales; Ken:  Sports agent/attorney
Tell us how long you have been together and how you met.
We met through our family. Ken’s mom was a long-time friend of my cousin, both in Memphis, TN. Ken’s mom and my cousin thought we had a lot in common and suggested that we meet in 2008.    At the time, Ken was living in Tampa, FL, and I was living here.  In December 2008, we met in person at a Cardinals/Vikings game. Ken came out to Arizona to watch a client who was playing for the Minnesota Vikings at the time.  We started to date “long-distance” shortly after and continued the trek back and forth (thank goodness for Southwest Airlines) between PHX and Tampa for 6 years.  In 2014, Ken made the decision to relocate here.  My elderly mom was living very close to me at this time, so I was here to take care of her as I am an only child. 
Activities/hobbies: Working out at the village, hiking, biking, investing, relaxing with the dogs
Park/play area/hang out: Scottsdale Quarter, Kierland, Old Town; we also like to meet up with our awesome neighbors for wine in one of our beautiful neighborhood parks.
Restaurants: We love to try new restaurants but are partial to True Food and AZ88. For fast food, we eat at Protein House and have been known to grab a sandwich at Chick-fil-A.
Vacation destination: Europe, Australia 
Sports teams: Every NFL team
TV show/movie: Netflix, HBO — the latest watch is Ozark and Gilded Age
Music: Chill music and alternative rock
Family dinner: When we cook, we like to grill outside. We usually pick up at Scottsdale Meat Market or AJ’s.
Where are you originally from?  Marla was born in Encino, CA. Her parents relocated to the Dallas area in 1972, and Marla moved to Scottsdale in 1996. Ken was born in Memphis, TN, and lived in Tampa, FL, from 1993 to 2014.
How long have you lived in this neighborhood? Marla: Since 2006 — 15 years.
Ken: Since 2014 — eight years
What do you like to do to relax? Listen to music, spend time with the dogs/dog walks, and watch Netflix
How are you involved in the community? Marla has served as a neighborhood liaison for her group of neighbors in DC Ranch since living here in 2006.
What activities are your kids involved with?  Our kids are our dogs, so this would include socializing with other dogs and their parents.
What is your favorite part about living in your neighborhood? Our awesome friends and neighbors, their dogs, and the awesome weather!