Meet Suki and Tatiana

Suki: a mix of Chihuahua and Pomeranian, Tati: a mix of Chihuahua and Yorkie

Family members' names:  Carol Ann Tutera and Joseph Dibello

Age/gender?   Both are females; Suki is 12, and Tati is 10.

Where/why did you get your pets?    Suki is from outside of Rancho Mirage, CA.  We first met her sister, who was all white with the hair of the Pomeranian.  

Tatiana is from Prairie Village, KS.  We saw her when we were home for a visit. She was so tiny in the kennel that we knew we had to have her.  Her weight had to get about 3 pounds.  She was only 2 at the time, and that wasn’t going to happen.  They decided it was best for her to be with us than in a lonely, cold, sterile cage.  
Is there a story behind their names?   Suki is Japanese for "loved one," but her name comes from the show True Blood as we loved that name.  Tatiana is a Russian name. Part of my family is from Odessa, Ukraine, and since she is so tiny, we wanted to give her a big BOLD name.  And she is BOLD as she doesn’t know her size.
Anything special or unusual about them?   Suki loves to play mother to Tati.  She licks her eyes constantly.  Tati has to be the last one in line when we go for walks.  They both follow me around the house like my shadow.  Suki loves to go into the closet when she can and sleep.
What do you like best about your pet?    They are both warm and loving.  They love to be side by side all the time. They sleep touching bodies.
Any funny stories?   They have learned how to pose when taking photos, and they know when they don’t want to pose either by turning their heads!  Tati will also stare at me and snort at me if Suki is in her comfy place.
How spoiled are your pets?   Very! They used to always go out in a carrier that we put them in and wheel them everywhere.  They just recently started taking walks on a leash!  
What else should we know about your pets and how they have enriched your home?
They are my time clocks!  They tell me when it’s snack and mealtime and when it’s time for our afternoon walk.  Without them, I would find myself at my computer way too much!