News From Copper Ridge

The heat, sunshine, and anticipation have arrived at Copper Ridge! We are getting ready for the 2022–2023 school year. Giving tours means lots of sunscreen and usually a hat for me, but I’m always happy to brave the heat when it comes to showing off our amazing campus. Copper Ridge has many areas where you can avoid the sunshine, so I’m probably being a little over-cautious, but having had my “haircut” the last few years has taught me, you can never be too careful! We are still doing tours regularly, Monday through Thursday, so please reach out if you’d like to come see Copper Ridge.
July means the final push before our Trailblazers return in August. We have tentatively planned our Back to School night for Aug. 1, and we are welcoming new and returning families onto campus to get a sneak peek before August. Our fabulous PTO is working on a full calendar of events, including a carnival, book fair, and so much more! If you’d like to get involved, please check out their website,, for more information. Joining the PTO is the best way to support Copper Ridge, and they hope to gain even more members next fall.
Teachers are slowly returning to campus to set up classrooms, ask about next year's initiatives, and prepare for what will be a brilliant school year. Seeing familiar faces on campus again fills me with such joy, and I’m so proud to work with such a talented staff. I’m often asked, “What makes Copper Ridge so special?” and the answer is always the staff and community. The support our teachers, parents, and students show on a daily basis reminds me that this is truly a special place to be.
As we continue through the summer, we are still enrolling for the 2022–2023 school year. Please consider Copper Ridge for your pre-K through eighth-grade students as you make this important educational decision. If you are already a Copper Ridge family, please tell your friends and neighbors that the best option for education is right here, at Copper Ridge! Please reach out with any questions.   
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Go, Trailblazers!