January to December, the Cover Stories of Stroll Wyndham Hills’ 2023 magazines have chronicled our neighborhood’s heartwarming moments, creating a vivid timeline of a year well spent.


January - Meet the Weismans
Chris and Melanie Wiesman's love story began serendipitously on Saint Patrick's Day in 2011 when unbeknownst to each other, they both ended up at the same Irish pub in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Discovering they were law students at Nova Southeastern University, though in different areas of campus, they connected and eventually moved to Dallas, TX, to pursue their legal careers. In 2018, the couple relocated to York, PA, where Chris joined the family business, HR Pharmaceuticals. The Wiesmans now reside in Wyndham Hills with their children, Kennedy and Grant, sharing a love for family dinners, beach vacations, and ski trips. Melanie runs her own law firm, specializing in criminal defense, while Chris is the Chief Revenue Officer and General Counsel at HR Pharmaceuticals. Their transition from big city life to small-town York involved adjustments, but they've found comfort in the community, savoring local favorites like Revival, Rockfish, Tutonis, and The Cove, and are grateful for the friends who have become like family in their new hometown.

February - Dan and Erin - A Love Story
Erin and Dan, happily married for a decade, first crossed paths when a mutual friend introduced them after college. Their initial meeting at Corner Stables, a crowded York bar, sparked an unconventional courtship, with Erin initially unimpressed by Dan's persistent pursuit. Their first date at the White Rose in York and a subsequent rib-centric dinner in Lancaster set the stage for a relationship filled with memorable moments, including a chilly first kiss on Erin's parents' deck. The couple eventually got engaged in Central Park, a city they fondly call "theirs." Married on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, they recall a hot, sunny day turned rainy during the ceremony, making for a memorable celebration. Through trials, including Erin's mother's battle with pancreatic cancer early in their relationship, Erin and Dan found strength in each other and grew even closer. Now parents to Jack and Evelyn, the couple cherishes travel, particularly to the Outer Banks, as some of their happiest memories. Looking ahead, they eagerly anticipate more adventures as a family and hope to raise kind, strong individuals who contribute positively to the world.

March - A Neighborhood in the Olmsted Tradition
Wyndham Hills, a community with a rich history dating back to 1929, stands as a testament to the vision of Carey Etnier and the design principles of the Olmsted Brothers firm. F. L. Olmsted Jr., influenced by his father's legacy in landscape architecture, shaped Wyndham Hills to harmonize with the natural topography, creating gently curving streets that gracefully blend with the surroundings. In 2021, the Wyndham Hills Homeowners Association embarked on a revitalization project for the Country Club Rd entrance, collaborating with local landscape contractor Hively Landscapes. The renovation involved replacing failing trees, rejuvenating English ivy beds, and introducing a mix of native and common plant materials. Native Redbud trees, Phlox, Salvia, and Fire Light hydrangeas now adorn the landscape, while Hicks and English weeping yews add a touch of formality. This thoughtful redesign not only enhances the community's aesthetics but also serves as a long-term, low-maintenance anchor at the entrance, inviting residents and visitors to appreciate the enduring charm of Wyndham Hills.

April - Women Of Impact
One year ago, the Susquehanna Scarlet Hearts, a dedicated group of local women, launched a nine-week campaign to raise awareness about heart disease in women and generate funds for the American Heart Association (AHA). Through a series of heart-healthy initiatives and engaging events at local establishments such as The Cantina York, Aviano’s Trattoria, and One Boutique Hotel, the Scarlet Hearts not only promoted a healthy lifestyle but also supported the AHA while contributing to the local business community. Their efforts were rewarded when, on April 14th, 2022, the Scarlet Hearts were declared the winners of the 2022 Go Red Woman of Impact Campaign, having raised an impressive $21,487 in just nine weeks and earning the title for the entire state of Pennsylvania. Molly Halbert, a prominent figure in the campaign, emphasized that the initiative went beyond its goal of raising awareness, fostering a strong community where lasting friendships were formed, connections were made, and mutual support thrived. Although the official campaign concluded in nine weeks, the Scarlet Hearts remain committed to supporting the AHA and promoting heart-healthy living. They actively share their learnings and tips, even involving their children in the mission to instill the importance of giving back and maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a young age. The Scarlet Hearts advocate for outdoor activities, movement, gardening, social connections, and early detection as key components of heart health, encouraging everyone to visit for additional tips and information. The team includes Molly Halbert, Dr. Rachel Lattanzio, Erin Doutrich, Katherine Bobincheck, and Melanie Wiesman, showcasing a collective dedication to building a healthier, more community-driven future.

May - Meet the Colon Family
Meet the Colon Family, a lively party of six, including Jennifer and Gabriel Colon, Sandra (Au Pair), and their three energetic children—Gianna, Gabriella, and Julian. Originally from New Jersey, Jennifer and Gabe relocated to York, PA, eight years ago and have since embraced the vibrant community of Wyndham Hills as their home. Owners of 360 Painting of York / Lancaster County, Jennifer and Gabe bring a blend of skills, including Gabe's 16 years in the consumer goods industry and Jen's banking and construction background, to provide top-notch painting services. The family enjoys a busy life with sports, dance, gymnastics, and a love for quality family time, whether watching movies, making s'mores, or creating lasting holiday traditions in matching pajamas. Committed to community involvement, they actively participate in York's Mom Club, the community HOA, and contribute to local schools. Their perfect day involves pool time, family dinners, movies, and gathering with neighbors around the fire pit. Grateful for their blessings, including a successful business, friends, and the warm welcome from the local community, the Colon Family embraces an active, fun-filled lifestyle in York County. 

June - The Lecker Family
Meet the Lecker family—Josh, Kate, Ava, Malin, and their 20-year-old Bengal Persian Cat, Bubba. Proud residents of York since 2017, the Leckers have made Rosewood Lane their home, embracing the community where their two daughters were born. Known for their lively summer parties and Josh's Harley rides around the neighborhood, the Leckers are a dynamic presence on Rosewood Lane. Together for 18 years, Kate and Josh met on a blind date and have built a beautiful family and successful businesses. Owners of 360 Painting of York / Lancaster County, Josh and Kate bring their unique skills to provide high-quality painting services. The family enjoys a bustling life with sports, dance, softball, and cherished family traditions, such as weekends at their cabin in Bedford, PA, and summer beach trips. Both Kate and Josh are involved in their respective professions, with Josh as the Area VP of Surety at Gallagher, a global insurance and consulting firm, and Kate leading sales teams in the medical devices and biopharmaceuticals industry. The Leckers are passionate about their involvement with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and actively support local charities and events in the community. Their love for spending time together, exploring local markets, attending events in York, and enjoying favorite restaurants like Pho Ben, El Rodeo, Mitsuru Ya, and the Country Club of York reflects their deep appreciation for family, community, and the joys of life.

July - Celebrating the Class of 2023
Six graduating seniors have started the next chapter of their lives and we wish them all the best in their college journey!
Hailee Hlubb - University of Mississippi
Emily Bramble - Western Connecticut State University
Sofia Messina - Millersville University
Alex Heisey - Penn College of Technology
Makenzi Michael - West Chester University
Molly Ziesenheim - Bloomsburg University

August - Little Strollers - Eric Jr.
Born on May 10, 2023, at York Hospital, Eric Jr. brings boundless joy to parents Eric Sr. and Sonia Brewer, proudly continuing his father's name. In the words of his ecstatic parents, Eric Jr. is the cherished addition that completes their family after four daughters and a son. Overflowing with laughter, snuggles, and pure bliss, he has become a bundle of happiness in their lives. The Stroll Wyndham Hills family warmly welcomes and celebrates the arrival of Eric Chad Brewer Jr.

September - The Brockie Mansion
The Messina family resides on Brockie Dr, a house brimming with historical significance. Originally built in 1873 as the first house on the hill, it belonged to the prominent C. Elmer Smith family. The current mansion, a fortress-like structure, stands as a testament to architectural artistry. The Messinas have diligently restored nearly every room, from the elaborate plaster moldings to the white oak pocket doors, preserving the house's soul. With a profound appreciation for old-world charm, they've transformed the home, making the Foyer a favorite spot. Despite being an interior designer, the process is ongoing, driven by inspiration drawn from the home's classic features and European aesthetics. As advice, they emphasize investing in things you love and gradually collecting items that tell your unique story.

October - Loving Life in the Neighborhood!
We welcomed a vibrant family on Brockie Drive, comprised of Sarah White, Steven Askling, and their children Zoe and Khaira. Blending families with Zoe and Sarah's older daughter Ella, they cherish their residence, especially its mature trees and welcoming neighbors. Sarah, a financial advisor, shifted careers from philanthropy to finance, finding fulfillment in helping clients navigate charitable and financial goals. Steven, a CFO at a hedge fund, enjoys the diverse challenges in finance. The couple, having met at Franklin & Marshall, decided to make York their home in 2020. Zoe attends York Country Day School, and Khaira, an exchange student from Indonesia, is a junior at Suburban. Family time revolves around board games, cooking, pool activities, and shared interests like platform tennis, pickleball, and gardening. Engaged in community service, Sarah contributes to Girls on the Run Midstate and Rotary of York, while Steven supports the Country Club of York and Turning Point charity. The Whitklingskis savor the warm community and proximity to downtown, making their life in the neighborhood truly wonderful.

November - Ana, the Sophmore Sensation
Attending York Suburban High School, this talented 10th-grade student is a multi-faceted artist with a passion for singing, playing the viola and piano, acting, and dancing. Introduced to music through her father's influence, she embraced new opportunities, learning instruments and joining colorguard and theater after immigrating. Expressing herself through the universal language of music, she values the beautiful connection formed between performers and audiences. Recently achieving her first lead role in the high school fall play as Irene Molloy and gaining acceptance into the Tri-M Music Honors Society, she stands out with her proficiency in English, Portuguese, and Spanish, bringing unique styles to her performances. Cherishing backstage moments with her artistic family, she admires her hardworking parents, who inspire her with their dedication and resilience, turning the move to the U.S. into an opportunity for their family.

December - Meet the Engels!
Peyton and Morgan Engels, residents of Upland Road since last year, share their joyful family life in a house purchased from Morgan's in-laws. The couple, both York natives, met at a summer party in 2016, now raising their three children—Harper, Henley, and nicknamed Witt—and their Doberman, Bowie, in the same home they met. Morgan, with a background in Early Childhood Education, transitioned to a stay-at-home mom, while Peyton works in sales and estimating. Harper enjoys school, Henley is described as sweet and spunky, and Witt, at six months, is a giggly and happy baby. Family time, home projects, and traditions like Christmas morning and annual trips to Williamsburg, VA, and Florida hold a special place in their hearts. The Engels family, grateful for their health and extended family, cherishes seasonal activities from beach days to winter fireside gatherings, creating a warm and loving home environment.

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