Looking back at the Precious Pets of 2023

whether it's the comforting purr of a cat or the enthusiastic wag of a dog's tail, furry friends effortlessly carve out a special place in our hearts


1 - Dart the 5-year-old German Shepherd is the super mellow and sweet boy family dog of the Gross family. He provides endless cuddles and protection to his family every day. 

2. Liberty a Great Pyrenees mix or “Libby” as her family calls her is named after a place close to their hearts in New England. She’s always by her family's side. She guards and protects, and is always watching out for them.

3. Zeus the beloved English Laborador is the family pet of the Johnston family. Zeus is a silly boy who makes his family laugh out loud every day - like climbing onto the rafters of their garage balancing on a narrow ledge and having to be rescued by the fire department - his tail never stopped wagging!

4. Taylor Justine or 'Tay' or Taylor Justine Mauck is named after Taylor Swift and Justin Beiber and is a talented diva and comedian. Precious pet of the Mauck family, Tay is an almost 11-year-old Rottie/Mastiff mix and reminds everyone to have fun! 

5. According to their owners, Justin and Holly, Bentley and Max are over-the-top spoiled and have them very well trained. But Justin and Holly wouldn't have it any other way. These handsome boys are so loving and help the family to de-stress and stay active.

6. What do a Dutch Mix Rabbit, a Siberian Forest Cat, and a French Bulldog have in common? They all live together with the Obeng-Gyimah family and are the most unlikely friends. Snuggles the rabbit was adopted from a rescue and is best friends with Alexa the cat! They love napping together and touching their noses. Beau the Bulldog is a great cuddler who is picky about the weather and does things when he wants. 

7. Norma Jean the Shar-pie is the second precious pet of the Mauck family and is as cute as they come! She is an enthusiastic and happy girl, she is spoiled as can be - a diva through and through. Her sweet soul melts their hearts every day!

8. Stuart and Sparkle are the crustacean pets of Evelyn and Jack Doutrich. Taking care of these little-shelled friends has taught the siblings gentleness and responsibility. Stuart is an escape artist and once climbed out of his cage in the middle of the night!

9. Most recently we featured the sweetest pair of French Bulldogs - Louie and Brie. Louis is 4 years old and Brie is about 5 months old and are the family pets of the Stoner family. They love how sweet and cuddly Louie and Brie both are. All the snorting and piggy sounds make them even more adorable!