Master Craft Painting, LLC

Reputation By Experience

When you think of changing your home, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Typically it’s color: The palette or scheme of your place. Maybe you think of a facelift of existing decor. A big part of that is interior and exterior paint: The wall color and cohesiveness of your space. When that time comes for you, nobody better can come to mind than Master Craft Painting, LLC. They're locally owned, insured, and operated by neighboring people. They are a team from California. Matt is the artist, an expert in color and design, and all the brains on jobs. His wife handles the business and marketing end. Together, they share the company and a family of a combined five children. Each has two from prior marriages, and they have one together.

Since its inception in 2018, the aim has been to be the best at what they do. Now they're expanding their services from interior and exterior painting to include epoxy flooring, trim carpentry, tiling, flooring, and color design. Matt, being an artist, is skilled in doing custom accent walls and large handpieces. Not only are they licensed and insured, but they also have a combined 60 years of experience between their lead staffers. Professionalism and fair pricing for quality are what they stand for. When you think of change, redesign, or you simply need something fun, these are the folks to call. Their service area as a company is locally based, focusing on growing the brand organically by doing what they do right next door! You can find them living here, working here, and raising families here. There is none better to trust with your home needs than Master Craft Painting, LLC. Trusted by all your local residents. Reputation by experience.