MacGyver and Daisy

A Pair of Fun Pups

We moved into the new house on Crown at the end of the street that is gray-bluish and white. We love it here. The dogs do, too. They finally have their own yard to play in and room to destroy things INSIDE the house! 

To be fair, that is usually MacGyver's job. He is almost 11 months old and ridiculously hard to control.  He had been to a two training camp but he admitted he didn't follow orders and so it was for naught; although, he did find some friends. We don't have a problem with his social life. He loves everyone.  We waited on a waitlist for him for almost a year until he was born in North Carolina at Crockett Doodle farms. They are a wonderful organization. And they are just lucky we love him no matter how many remote controls, glasses, pens, wine glasses, plates, and cups he's destroyed. But we threaten to send him back! 

Now, Daisy is my white golden doodle who was a rescue doodle.  She was bought by two people who decided that doodles and apartments don't mix.  Ha, ha. She was 4 months old and very much like McGyver, eating remote controls, eyeglasses, wires, pens, etc. She went to the same school her brother went to, but she got all A's in school.  She is now 3 and very laid back. Almost the perfect dog.  Isn't that true with kids, too? The oldest is always the goodie two shoes one.  Ha, ha.  I was the third one in line so that was NOT me! Daisy is almost seventy pounds now and still believes dad's lap is the right size.