Holiday Season & Alcohol

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Summer in Maine is short. Fall is upon us and we start to think about the coming months, football, the holidays, family and friends. 

The Holiday Season is a favorite time of year for many people as we are surrounded by family and loved ones. It usually includes events, parties and gatherings. The season can also bring stress to many for different personal reasons. All of these circumstances tend to bring an increase in alcohol consumption and at times, poor decisions.

Similar to prom season, we quietly hope we get through it without anyone getting hurt (or worse). The reality is: bad things can happen quickly and we want to use this opportunity to cover some good reminders in hopes you make it your ”personal policy”.

If you are hosting events, have a plan for people consuming alcohol and getting home.  The responsibility is shared by you as the host, and the people attending; to make sure everyone is safe and does not drive impaired. There are cases where tragic events have occurred and hosts are held responsible in the aftermath because “someone should have done something” The same applies with people who are underage, we can not allow alcohol and underage folks to become one at these events. 

Your police officers daily focus is to keep people safe and insure our community atmosphere is one that can be enjoyed year round. It is up to us all to chip in and make sure this is accomplished. The Holiday Season can bring with it “a little too much cheer” for some. We want everyone to enjoy the season safely and responsibly. Helping others in need is something we all can pay attention, too. Have a safe Holiday Season, we will do our part, please help us by doing yours.