Here's our Superstar of the month, Evan Closson!

Name: My name is Evan Closson
Age (if you want to share it): I am 13 years old. 
School: I go to Greely Middle School (GMS)
Sport/Activity: I play Basketball
Position – if applicable: I play Power Forward or Wing
How long have you participated in this sport?
I have participated in basketball for 7 years
What is your favorite teacher/mentor’s name?
My favorite coach’s name is Coach Axelsen.
Do you idolize anyone in this sport?
I idolize Stephen Curry.
How often do you practice this activity? 
I normally practice 5 times a week
Are you on a team?  
Yes, I am - I’m on the Greely Middle School Team and I have played travel basketball in California and in Maine.
Have you met anyone famous in this sport?
Yes, I have met James Harden and Stephen Curry.
Have you traveled anywhere related to this sport?
Yes, I have traveled to Oakland, CA to see The Golden State Warriors and have gone to Los Angeles to see The  Lakers and The Clippers. Also to Boston to see The Celtics.
Have you participated in any events pertaining to this activity?
I have participated in camps and club teams in California and in Maine.
What have you learned from participating in this sport?
I have learned how to dribble, shoot the ball, defense, teamwork and confidence.
What do you like the most about the sport?
I like playing with my friends and going against them in games.
What is your favorite moment?
My favorite moment was when I make a basket.
What other activities do you do?
I play Greely baseball, track and was on the Greely Alpine ski team.  I also play football, tennis and golf.
What’s one tip you would give someone getting into this sport?
A tip I would give someone is to try your hardest and practice as much as you can.