Elusive Photography

Reverie Sessions - unique & inspiring for all children!

You might know that Elusive Photography, who’s studio is located right here in Falmouth, specializes in Family, Maternity, and Baby portraiture. But, have you seen their Reverie Sessions? 
A Reverie Session is a fantastical portrait experience designed for kids to be immersed in the creative process and fully explore their imaginative story telling. Your kids will work with the photographer (Emily), to create a story or a scene that they are passionate about and then they’ll make a plan to execute it. 
Reverie Portraits can include story lines they love. Featuring them in a particular scene, time, or location, and they can even incorporate special objects.
The Reverie Portraits are fully customizable and are meant to live on the walls of your home so your kids can be inspired and proud of their creative work every time they see it. This is such a wonderfully unique experience that your kids are sure to treasure it forever and will definitely be telling all of their friends about it.

To learn more, visit https://www.elusive.photography/reverie