Say Hello to Benny!

Pet Name: Just Benny “Benny”
Breed: Connemara/Hanoverian aka “Warmblood”
Age: 8

How did you find your pet?
Since I was about 8 years old have been riding and showing hunters and jumpers. In 2018 I
went foxhunting on a bucket list trip in Ireland with a childhood friend. My mount was a
Connemara which is a pony breed that originated in County Galway in western Ireland. It was
such a fantastic experience that I decided to search for a new horse to do cross-country jumping with when I returned. I went “horse shopping” with a friend on the east coast. She had learned of a horse that might be right for me in Vermont, so we went and looked. That’s where I found Benny. Coincidently, my favorite pony when I was a child was a Connemara named Round Robin Sunbonnet (Bonnie). When we arrived at the farm, I noticed that it was Round Robin Farm. It turned out to be the same farm that my childhood pony Bonnie came from!

What type of horse is Benny?
Benny’s a sport horse which is a horse with at least four generations of documented bloodlines
that has been inspected and registered by a recognized breeding association with the purpose
to excel in the sports of dressage, three-day eventing and show jumping.

Does Benny Compete?
I started out doing three-day eventing with Benny and now we focus on show jumping.
Last year we were jumping .80 meters and we qualified for the National Championships in Las
Vegas. This year we are jumping .90 meters and hope to qualify again.

Where does Benny live?
Benny lives at Dapple Gray Farm in Rio Verde.

Does Benny enjoy special treats?
Benny loves all food, but his favorites are apples and peppermints.

What do you love most about Benny?
Benny’s a barn favorite. He loves people, getting attention and will stick his head out to get a
chin scratch! In addition to competing, He also loves to go on trail rides.