Meet Kathy McGowan!

Family Name: Kathleen McGowan
Family Member Names (Brian, Husband):r4e4tired Air Traffic Controller, Chicago Center
Street:11589 E Ranch Gate Rd
Number of Years Living In (Saddleback Troon): 7 years
Pets: None
Profession(s): Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Agent, Purple Cow Staging & Design, President
College/University: National Louis University, Wheaton Illinois
How did you and your spouse meet? College through a friend, the day he graduated. 
Where are you originally from? Chicago
How are you involved in the community? I run a run book page called Scottsdale Prime Time Ladies with 1600 members, many members live in Troon . I really help people connect, meet friends, try new things. We have something for everyone and anyone is free to set up their own events. If you want a book club in Troon, set up an event in Troon. We have book clubs, bunco, wine events, pickleball, hiking, art, poker, LRC, Polo parties! This month we have 50 women signed up for the Phoenix Open at TPC at the Greenskeeper’s tent. I just started a year long book club called Inspirational Book Club, we feature the book Atomic Habits, we all have habits we want to change or start. So having women support each other it will harp us by meeting every month. Some want to lose weight some want to meditate or get up earlier and hike. To support these new habits we will have event to support your new habit, set up hiking, art or meditation events. It has been amazing how many people have found friends on this group. Some people moved during covid and never met anyone. We are started to do more couple events and am planning on starting another group on next-door or Facebook so people can meet other couples. 

We do a lot of happy hours,  brunches and dinners out and at members homes. I would love for anyone to reach out, 630.747.8096

What is your favorite part about living in Saddleback)? We have vacationed in Scottsdale for years and really loved it but really fell in love when we moved to Troon. Troon is one of the most beautiful areas in Scottsdale, we have hiking trails and the mountains surround us. It is true desert living! The bobcats in my yard scared me at first and now I can’t wait to see them again, they drink water out of our pool, part of the family. I can be anywhere like Market Street in 15 min where we go to eat most of the time. Being from Chicago, I am a foodie and Scottsdale has so many amazing great placed opening up.  

I also love that I can be in Cottonwood in 2 hours, it’s a cool funny town with great restaurants  and many cool winery’s near by! One of my favorite jeep trails is in Sedona.

Your Family’s Favorites
Activities/Hobbies: Pickleball, Wine Tastings, Travel, Card Games, Jeep Trails 
Park/Play Area/Hang Out: Grey hawk Golf Course
Restaurants: Vic and Ola’s, Living Room, Preston’s, Dominicks., Raven’s View.  We have so many new places opening every month.
Vacation Destination: Colorado, Chicago, Newport Beach, California, Napa  Valley
Sports Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago White Sox and the Denver Broncos
TV Shows/Movies: Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mindhunters, Peaky Blinders, Barry, so many great shows, hard to name them all!
Family Dinner: I like to Sous Vide Steak, Chicken, Ribs and make Great Salads,  Homemade Pizza, I just love to cook.
Family Traditions: Playing games after dinner and a Great Brunch and watching sports. 

My son has his commercial pilots license so hoping he comes back from Chicago to fly me to Sedona. He lived with us for a year to get his license at the Scottsdale Airport and moved back to ChicAgo to become a Chicago Fire I have a daughter in fiancé and comes to visit around the holidays and bought us tickets to see Whiskey Myer’s for St Patricks Day in Phoenix. Phoenix is getting so many great restaurants and music venues.