Introducing "Grand Oaks The Unsinkable Molly Brown”

Strolling through the yard on her way to the pool

Molly has been swimming since she was a young pup

As we enter the dog days of summer, we were thrilled to find a precious pet who thoroughly enjoys her moments in the sun. And the water. And outside in general. Indian Trails’ residents, John and Lisa Krueger, generously allowed us to interview their beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Molly. Lisa explains, “Molly is a 100-pound, 6-year-old beast. She is sweet, loving, and loyal. True to the breed, Molly is aloof with strangers and on alert to protect her home and hearth. Once visitors are mom-approved, they are welcomed whole-heartedly.” Molly is set in her ways yet goofy; she displays a bit of sass, is smart, and is extremely comical. It is our pleasure to introduce you to “Grand Oaks The Unsinkable Molly Brown.”

“Hi, with a name like that, I have a lot to live up to, and I do my best. Most people call me Molly, but I am also known as “O Molly Mae,'' “Crazy Daisy,” and “Brillo Butt” (in reference to the coarse hair on my backside that curls up when I get wet). I was born in Hixton, WI, to the breeders at Grand Oaks Chesapeake. My adoptive parents were hoping to train me as a search and rescue dog (my sense of smell is off the charts if I do say so myself). But an unfortunate incident at the dog park led me to two surgeries and ended my career before it began. Instead of a working canine, I became a pampered house dog, and it suits me well.

I have the best family a girl could ask for. My parents, John and Lisa, spoil me with love and affection. They say I don’t respect personal boundaries, but that’s not true. Dad’s lap is just super comfy, and there is room in the bathtub for me, even when Mom is already in it. My favorite human was Grandma June. I grew up with her, and I loved her. She recently passed away and left a bit of a hole in my heart. I sat with her during her final days and was quiet and patient. I was content to be near her because I knew that’s what she needed. I’m smart that way (it’s in the breeding). I love my family, but I’m an only child, and I’m not super social with other dogs. Except for Newton, I met him at puppy class, and that silly Doberman and I became forever friends. We enjoy occasional playdates, and I refer to him as my boyfriend. He loves it.

My mom likes to brag about all the great things I do. Like how I respect the invisible fence and know just where in the driveway to drop my ball so it rolls across the street. Then I stubbornly wait for my humans to retrieve it. I don’t want to be the only retriever in the family! I stay on high alert for words like “go” or “ride,” and if mom fills her traveling water bottle or goes for her keys, I get to the door lickety-split, no questions asked. I’m even strong enough to run right through the screen door. Fixing it gives my dad something to do.

The best thing my parents ever did for me was to put up a pool … with a deck to jump off of! Just for me! Summer is my favorite time of year, and I bask in that pool all day long! Just ask my mom. She never tires of throwing the Frisbee and the water toys. She knows I need my exercise, and she makes sure I get it!

My family is lucky to have me. I keep them young at heart. But maybe I’m lucky to have them, too. I go to bed every night (in mom and dad’s bed, of course) just dreaming of all the fun we’ll have together!”