Troy and Renee Knaus, Entrepreneurs at Heart

Featuring TJ's Home Building, Repair and Maintenance Inc., and Kustomized Empowerment Services

The Knaus family Photo by Paul Manke Photography

Troy Knaus, owner of TJ’s Home Building, Repair, and Maintenance Inc., has been a long-time business partner who supports our magazine and our neighborhoods. Troy and his wife, Renee, have attended many events hosted by The Community. Troy has built relationships with our residents and recognizes the value of connecting with other business owners. This month, we caught up with Troy and Renee to find out how things have evolved for them at home and in their business.

Troy was born and raised in Green Bay. He grew up in his dad’s building business and likes to say he started helping his dad remodel and build homes at age 10. After high school, Troy realized that God had given him the talent to be able to think things through, troubleshoot and fix problems. He started out building trusses and then became involved in the finish carpentry business, which became his passion. “God is #1 in my life, and I have given Him the reins on this company. My faith in Him has proven to keep me busy. The rest of my business, I credit to word of mouth. The referral of good work is the highest compliment a person can pay.”

Troy and Renee invested in 10 acres of property in Suamico, where they recently completed the construction of their dream home. It is the perfect place to raise their 10-year-old son, Gabriel, and Cookie (their 5-year-old cat). “We are so excited that God has given us this opportunity to build a home, to not only raise our son but also as a showcase of my God-given talents to our customers.”

Troy provides a range of services. He works with customers on a variety of concerns they may have with their home, from simple lighting fixes, cleaning gutters, updating bathrooms, room remodels, and home additions, all the way up to a complete home build. “Being in the business for so long, I see that there is a need for a good old-fashioned repairman. Many of the big companies do not focus on the smaller needs of the customer. I pride myself in helping regardless of the size of the job.”

Renee recently embraced her entrepreneurial spirit as well and established her own business, Kustomized Empowerment Services (KES). Working in corporate America for many years, she saw that small business owners often needed help with simple business services, someone to manage simple business tasks and free up valuable time. Renee established KES to serve other entrepreneurs in the Green Bay area. KES partners with savvy small business owners to accurately and efficiently handle the day-to-day responsibilities that take them away from what they do best “build their business.” For a full list of her services, visit her website at

This dynamic duo puts God first in their lives. They are servant-minded people who have set out in their professions to help others and serve the community. Enjoy a few photos of the house that Troy built for his family. Together, he and Renee have truly made it home!

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