Fall Flowers, Foliage, and Brushstrokes

An evening of flower arranging and watercolor painting

This fall, we were pleased to bring a few residents together for an evening that stretched our imaginations and tested our artistic abilities. Thank you to Thornberry Creek at Oneida for arranging a space for us to gather. Chef Adam created a variety of pizzas and a selection of seasonable, fresh veggies to snack on. We sampled the new fall/winter pizza menu and the selection did not disappoint!

Diana Naircee, owner and designer at Protea Floral Boutique, brought a variety of fall foliage from her shop in Hobart. She shared many tips and tricks, in what I am now calling “Flower Arranging 101.” Residents learned a lot about flowers in general, how to treat them, how to prolong their beauty in the home, and how to expertly arrange them to create our own “wow factor.” Everyone went home with an expertly created bouquet to grace their tables and a new appreciation for fall foliage.

Resident artist, Eva Vitale, was our presenter for the second half of the evening. Eva shared a watercolor painting tutorial with our group. We received expert advice on how to select the proper paints, the best brushes, and the correct paperweight for our projects. Attendees were given their own supplies and directed in the simplest of steps. They learned how to create lines of different widths, how to manipulate the brush to fill in a circle, create a leaf, paint a petal, and more. Guests used water to create different shades of the same color. And the end result was eye-opening. Participants were able to create their own rendition of a fall sunflower. And even those with no prior artistic experience came away with newfound confidence and an added skillset.

Thank you to those that participated and joined us for this wonderful evening out with neighbors. And thank you to our presenters for sharing your time and talent!

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