The Cocktail that doubles as Dessert

Pudding Shots are the perfect addition to summer celebrations

Indian Trails resident, Julie Wahl, has enjoyed her share of jello shots in the past, but pudding shots are a rather new addition to her cocktail recipe book!  Her dear friend, Wanda Makosky, brought several flavors to her daughter’s graduation party several summers ago, and they were a huge hit. Wanda was kind enough to share her recipe with Julie … and now her whole neighborhood. Pudding shots are an indulgent treat that are half cocktail and half dessert. They are great to share when friends are visiting, and they travel well, too!

One small box instant pudding, 3.4-3.9 ounces
¾ cup milk
¼ cup vodka (or other liquor)
½ cup cream liqueur
8 ounce tub whipped topping
Mix-ins and Garnishes

Pour pudding mix into a bowl. Add milk and mix well. Add both kinds of alcohol and mix well.  Mix in whipped topping.  Fold in any mix-ins. Scoop into 2-ounce containers (with lids).  Add garnishes, cover, and freeze. They will be ready to share in a couple of hours. Can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months.
Be creative and make your own flavor combinations.  Every variation will include milk and whipped topping, but you can choose the instant pudding flavors, alcohol, mix-ins, and garnishes.  

Here are the recipes for the pudding shots pictured:

Dirty Banana: banana pudding, rum, salted caramel cream liqueur, crushed banana, salted caramel topping
Cookies-n-Cream: Oreo pudding, crème de cacao, Irish cream, crushed cookies
Strawberry Cream: strawberry pudding, berry vodka, Irish cream, chopped strawberries
Thin Mint: chocolate pudding, crème de cacao, vanilla vodka, crème de menthe, crushed cookies
English Toffee: butterscotch pudding, salted caramel cream liqueur, butterscotch schnapps, crushed heath bar

Other variations:
Espresso: chocolate pudding, vanilla vodka, Irish cream, espresso powder
Salted Caramel: chocolate pudding, caramel vodka, Irish cream, sea salt
Lemon: lemon pudding, rum, Irish cream, graham cracker crumbs
Amaretto: vanilla pudding, amaretto, Irish cream, cherries
Creamsicle: vanilla pudding, rumchata, orange cream liqueur
Pina Colada: coconut pudding, coconut rum, Irish cream, crushed pineapple, cherries
White Russian: chocolate pudding, vodka, coffee liqueur
Cheesecake: cheesecake pudding, fruit vodka, Irish cream, fruit
Turtle: chocolate pudding, vodka, caramel cream liqueur, crushed nuts
Chocolate: chocolate pudding, vanilla vodka, Irish cream
Almond Joy: coconut pudding, crème de cacao, Irish cream, toasted coconut, hardening chocolate