Introducing Jasper

Family member name: Bea Mueller
Type of animal/breed: Yorkshire
Pet’s age: Born April 24, 2022
Where did you get your Jasper?
I knew that I wanted a small dog.  Well, I went on vacation in July, and when I came back, I went to Frontier Pets, the pet store in the mall.  They had lots of small dogs, but as soon as I saw Jasper, I knew he was the one! He was in a cage with other dogs, but his coloring, PARTI, made him stand out. He was so cute!
How would Jasper tell the story of the day he met you?
I was so tiny, not even three pounds! I loved the ride in the car to my new home.  And my new mom was so nice.  She wanted me to spend my first night in a cage, but I was not having any of that! So, after many long barking episodes, she moved me into a soft-sided carrier on the bed. That was so much better, and I had a great first night’s sleep in my new home.  And now, since I am a big boy, I get to sleep in the bed beside my mom every night!
Is Jasper an angel or a troublemaker?
He definitely has the most innocent angelic-looking face, but don’t let that fool you.  He is Johnny on the spot! Everything that drops on the floor is fair game for him. And don’t even mention the remote or sunglasses. If they are in his vicinity, they are not safe.  He will snatch them up before you can reach him and run around in circles around the furniture and eventually end up under the couch with them. Paper is also on his agenda.  If you need paper shredded, Jasper is your guy!  But you can never stay mad at him.  He is so affectionate and loves to give you makeup kisses!
Does Jasper have any playmates?
My neighbor has a female Yorkshire.  She and Jasper love to play together! He also loves to play with my 11- and 6-year-old grandchildren, who also live in The Pointe.
What is Jasper most grateful for?
Jasper is most grateful for belly rubs. He starts looking for belly rubs first thing in the morning. He will roll over in the bed and wait for it. He holds my hand to keep it on his belly, and if I stop before he is done, he will nibble on my fingers. He is also grateful for his car rides.   He loves to go shopping at Lowes because he gets so much attention from all of the shoppers. His most favorite thing to do is to go for walks and bike rides around the neighborhood. If you see us out and about, please stop and say hello; we love to visit!