My trip to Tulum, Mexico, was scheduled as a work trip, yet I also made it a vacation for my daughter, Sophia, and me. In my opinion, Tulum is only one of the many jewels of the Mayan Riviera.

We were there for a full 10 days, and there are so many magnificent places to explore in the Mexican Riviera. Tulum, however, has a magical and unique quality. It is technically a small town. The history, beautiful nature, and artisan community are what make it a gem.

I have always been enamored with my travels to Mexico. I have been blessed to experience many places. In Tulum, there is a "je ne sais quoi" that can’t be completely described on a page. It is fanciful, artsy, and historical.

Sophia and I loved going to the Gran Cenote. Simply stated, Cenotes are basically Mother Nature’s most gorgeous swimming holes.

Tulum is one of the last cities built by the Mayan people on the Yucatán Peninsula. It also survived after the Spanish began occupying Mexico. Hence, the Tulum ruins are a must-see! They are located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea and are quite a feat of humanity to experience and appreciate. I must say, the views are amazing as well!

Strolling around this beach town is a must. The beauty of Tulum is what you find by exploring – the food, the arts, and the history. It’s whimsical!