Meet Napoleon Bonaparte II

Greetings Hill section!  My humans (Howard, Jenna, Amanda and Sammie) moved from East Manhattan Beach to the Manhattan Beach Hill Section two years ago and they love it in the Hill Section.  I’m excited to walk the hills streets and smell all the flowers and vegetation!  Looking forward to meeting you and sniffing your doggies!  
I’m a relatively new “designer breed” called a Cavapoochon. That’s a funny name huh?  It means I’m 25% Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which makes me super social, highly affiliative to humans in general.  What can I say, I love all people and love to give wet kisses!!  I’m 50% poodle which is where I get my smarts and my hypoallergenic, non-shedding hair.  And finally, I’m 25% bichon frise which gives me my cute teddy bear face.  My breeder says I will keep my cute puppy face even into adulthood.  So no need for botox or filler, this dog is going to be forever a baby face!   
I was born in good ol’ Waterford, California, north of Modesto, on an idylic farm with chickens, ducks and horses.  My biological mommy is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bichon Frise mix, while my biological daddy is a 100% Miniature Poodle.  I have 9 siblings!  My humans choose me out of all 9 pups because I was the most mellow and I stuck by the breeder, while my siblings played rambunctiously with one another.  My humans were impressed how I was so calm, and seemed to naturally like humans from the get go!  I knew it was fate when my humans choose me and I love them soooooo much.  
My humans choose my name when they were on vacation in Maui, while driving to eat at their favorite human food chow house, Wolfgang Puck.   Since they were stuck in traffic for a while, they had an intensive debate of the merits of doggie names such as “Chewbarka, Barkley, or Chewnel, but finally they settled on “Napoleon” (and thank goodness!)  They liked the name Napoleon because of its duality as a double entendre, because you see, Napoleon was a powerful French king, and Napoleon is also a yummy French dessert!
Moreover, after they took me home and bequeathed to me this amazing francophillic name, they later opened up my family tree report and found out coincidentally that my maternal great grandfather was also named Napoleon Bonaparte!  It was such a startling stroke of serendipity!  So that is why I am truly Napoleon Bonaparte the SECOND!
Well my hair matches exactly to the white oak wood flooring of my human’s house and sometimes it’s hard to see me because I camouflaged very well with the floor.  Sometimes my humans accidentally step on me!  Ouch!!  Also I have special talents!  I know how to sit and lie down on command, and I love to play fetch with my chew toys.   My trainer cousin Vivian says I am responsive to treats which makes me easy to train.  YAY!
What can I say, I am cute, cuddly, social, very responsive to positive reinforcements and I don’t shed, nor elicit any allergic reactions.  I basically just follow them around all day and sit at their feet.  I LOVE to interact with my humans and just want to be with them all the time.
One time, while my humans were out at a restaurant for dinner, I was particularly clever when I figured out how to unlock my kennel.  I eschewed my metal enclosure with some swift paw swipes at the lock.  Then once freed, I promptly placed my “mark” in every room of their house and in doing so made it my house too!  I was very pleased by my endeavors!  But when my humans came home, to my astonishment, they were quite horrified by it all.  There was lot of consternation and commotion as they gestured wildly and tried to mopped up the poop and pee and of course I was the center of attention once more.  I just love attention!
Spoiled?  No, not me!   But my humans would say that I am a very picky eater.  Doggie kibble is not my style.  I will literally REFUSE it every time.  I will only eat fresh and unprocessed foods, like white rice, chicken liver, spinach, carrots and kale.  I think I drive my humans crazy a bit.  They even go out of their way to put bone broth in my rice and chicken mix so as to appease my palate.  And as a special treat, I like cage free, small batch, eggs fried in olive oil.
OH, I make sure I give my humans a lot of kisses and cuddles because I absolutely ADORE them.  I jump up and down like a kid on Christmas when they come home from work or school.  Also I’m like a barking alarm clock, and I make sure they all get up at 630am promptly with my barking and/or whining.  
That’s it for now Hill Section!  I can’t wait to meet you in person, and I promise I will not pee or poop on your lawn.  Please don’t forget to say hi to me.  I’m the small 8 pounder, honey beige colored doggie with the teddy bear face.