Punch Bowl Cake

Editor Lynn Hudson with a delicious and easy punch bowl cake

I'm certainly not a chef extraordinaire, so when I'm asked to bring a dessert for a special occasion, I always look for easy and delicious. This dessert has been my family and friends' favorite for many years, and I hope you will enjoy it! 

Punch Bowl Cake 
A store-bought pound cake or Sara Lee pound cake
Two containers of Cool Whip
Sliced mixed fruit (I use strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and peaches)
Pecans (optional)

The bottom layer is cake,  topped with sliced fruit and then Cool Whip. Then layer all three again with Cool Whip on top. (Pecans can be mixed with fruit or just put on top with sliced strawberries.)  
I use a glass bowl, which makes for a very "pretty" dessert.
NOTE: If you want to cut calories and fat, you can use angel food cake.