Meet Barbara O'Hara, Owner of NorthStar Real Estate LLC

Pat, Jillian, and Barbara

How long have you lived in The Cliffs?
We have lived in The Cliffs for 21 years. We have made some lifelong friends in the neighborhood, and our daughter, Jillian, loves calling this home. We take advantage of the great streets to walk our two dogs, Eddie and Gracie. They have many friends in the neighborhood, too!   
 Tell us about the events that led up to where your business is now?  
NorthStar Real Estate LLC is almost six years old! I am so humbled to have started a business and seen it grow with the support of my own neighbors. Throughout my 20+ years in real estate, I have been fortunate enough to sell more homes in The Cliffs than any other agent, and I am so proud of that.  We were very excited to start and continue to sponsor the Cliffs Scholarship Award open to the seniors that live in our neighborhood. In two years, we have been able to support ten pretty spectacular students in their continuing education pursuits.   
What is unique about your business, and what sets you apart from the rest?
Real Estate has seen a real shift toward a more automated industry, such as automated showings, lockbox entry, computer-generated feedback, etc. We are holding steady to embrace all that technology has to offer for marketing, but we concentrate on a personal level of service. Call it “Old School,” if you will, but we still attend showings in person, we call for feedback or obtain it in person, and we maintain complete control over who’s coming in and out of our client’s homes.  It’s a must for us!  
 We also strive to be a connection for all things real estate for our clients and community.   From questions you may have about the market in general before becoming a client or for years afterward, we continue to maintain our professional obligations and courtesy long after the sale is complete.   We aim to be your go-to resource for community and real estate matters. 
Giving your business expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice do you offer to the residents?
The past few years have the real estate market turned on its head. The low inventory and massive attention that each listing attracts have created a whirlwind of activity.  There is no better time to rely on an industry professional, one that has been in business long enough to traverse the highs and lows of these volatile times.  For homeowners, having a strategic plan to maximize what your home can secure in this market is crucial to a successful sale.  
What else should we know about you, your family, or your business?
We continue to be strongly rooted in our community.   With Patrick and I both being self-employed in the service industry, we know the value of conducting business in a way that supports us but also our community at large. We hope to continue to do so for at least another 20 years! 
 In addition to sponsoring the scholarship award, we sponsor a softball team, Malia's race, and Keep North Attleboro Beautiful. Jillian is also rooted in the community – she is a Jr. Writer for this very magazine!

 What do you like about living in The Cliffs? 
Hands down, the people. We have made some amazing connections with people in the neighborhood, whether casual contacts or lifelong friends, the neighborhood is home.  We love the multi-generational make-up of the residents, the uniqueness of home styles, and the way neighbors look to help each other.  Since The Cliffs Living magazine has launched, we’ve been able to meet so many neighbors that we may not have otherwise, and we are grateful for that.   

Sidenote from the Publisher: In the midst of the pandemic in June of 2020, instead of choosing just one Cliffs Scholarship Award recipient, Barbara generously gave EVERY senior that applied a scholarship award!

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