Meet Frankie

        Hi! My name is Francesca Muscarella, most people call me Frankie. I’m a sophomore at Lancaster High School and a resident of Summerfield Farms! I am an aspiring singer who loves to perform anywhere I can. When I was a kid, I loved singing along to every song that came on the radio.
       After a funny talent show at Tae-Kwon-Do summer camp, my mom made the best decision and put me in voice lessons at Bello Voice Studios. The thing I enjoy most about singing is the rush I get during every performance; it makes me so happy to know that people really enjoy what I do! 
     I would say my proudest moment during my singing career was performing at the Buffalo Sabres game for the first time at the home opener. What a rush! I still can’t believe it! Surreal is a great word to describe the moment I stepped onto the ice. This season so far I have sung at 5 games and hope they continue to have me! I have also been blessed to sing the anthems for the Buffalo Bisons several times. 
    I owe my love for singing to multiple artists such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift because they create such powerful music, which is what I hope to achieve in the future. Anybody who wants to pursue singing, but is scared they may not be good enough…do it!! 
   Last spring I went to Nashville and co-wrote my first single and recorded with Paula Winger. This experience was something I will never forget! My song entitled “Worst Enemy” by Frankie Rose.. is streaming on all platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.  
   I never thought I’d be where I am today and it’s been hard at times. However, if you put the work in, you’ll get where you’re meant to be. 
   Besides singing at coffeehouses and Sabres games…In school, I recently played “Mrs. Potts” in the Beauty and the Beast musical and just sang the national anthem for the Buffalo Bisons Star Wars themed night in the beginning of June.
   I’m also involved in many other clubs such as Student Union, DECA, and English Honor Society. 
      My big goal for 2023 is to get a Buffalo Bills game which would be incredible! I hope in the future I’ll end up as an entertainer on a cruise ship and live my life doing my two most favorite things: singing and traveling!