Blue Apache Mexican Restaurant Delights SMP Diners with Authentic Flavors!

The Cervantes family brings over 45 years of restaurant experience from Mexico City, Mexico to the Blue Apache menu. They offer a unique blend of Mexican cuisine, Tex-Mex, and Cajun flair, all prepared with the freshest ingredients and hand-mixed traditional Mexican spices. On March 21st, your Sugar Mill Pond community had the pleasure of experiencing Blue Apache's delicious food and drinks. Ricky, the owner, shared some of the restaurant's most popular dishes with the neighborhood. Everyone had a great time and were impressed by the quality and flavor of the food. If you're looking for a place to dine near Sugar Mill Pond, your neighbors surely recommend Blue Apache!

"The food and service were amazing. It's definitely a must in Youngsville!!!" - Herman LeBourgeois 

"Very nice atmosphere and excellent food! Outstanding service!" - Jeffrey Parker

"The food and atmosphere were terrific. The service was outstanding!" - Terry Garrett

"Everything was excellent! We'll definitely be back." - Charles Cutler

"Really nice evening and community of SMP. Thank you for hosting and treating us! Food was delicious!" - Leonard Breaux 

"Wonderful experience. It was a great evening." - Angela Richard

"Food and service was outstanding!" - Kathryn Dore

905 Savoy Road in Youngsville
(337) 857-5155