Tylar Claire Moore

Dancing her way to the top

Tylar Claire Moore is a 12-year-old student at Acadiana Christian School in New Iberia and
a dancer at Thea’s Dance Academy. “I have been dancing for 9 years,” shared Tylar. “My mom
used to own a dance studio, and I started there.”

“I am on the competition team with 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. I love my coaches; they are very
passionate and experienced at dancing,” explained Tylar. “I practice at Thea’s Dance Academy
in Youngsville, right outside of Sugar Mill Pond.”

Tylar dances with her team at various competitions in Texas and Louisiana. “I have participated
in many competitions, such as Streetz, West Coast Dance Explosion, Dance Makers, LA Dance
Magic, 247, Dupree, and Intrigue,” added Tylar.

“Throughout the years I have won many dance scholarships in various dance styles,” said Tylar.
“I have learned that I can use what I love to do to make others happy and glorify God. My
favorite part about dancing is the end-of-year review.”

“I have many friends because of dance,” shared Tylar. “It is important to have friends in a sport
because you have the same interests and can relate to them in things.”

Tylar’s advice to anyone interested in dance is to not worry about how good you are. “Just
worry about you and use dance as an escape from your problems, and use the problems as
inspiration because dance is all about passion,” she emphasized.