The Bigger, The Better!

Get to know Cali

Family member names: Cody, Jill, Lyla, Lucy, and Logan Reynolds
Pet’s name: Califernia, short “Cali”
Breed: Dog, Great Dane
Pet’s age: 5 years

What is Cali's adoption story?
I’ve always wanted a Great Dane. I love BIG dogs and had one when I was a child. We had a dog that was getting pretty old, so I dropped a bunch of hints to my husband, including forwarding him the name and picture of the breeder and the specific puppy I wanted. He ended up getting her for me for my birthday. She came out of Nocona, Texas, from Blevin's Great Danes.

How was her name chosen?
Her coloring is unique, and she is a blend of a harlequin and a fawn, known as a fawnequin. It reminded me of a calico cat, so I named her Cali. And my mom, Fern, was always joking about how none of her children named their children after her, so I added the “Fernia” as a joke.

What makes Cali unique?
Cali loves her people fiercely and is unhappy unless she is beside us. She thinks she is the size of our Chihuahua and will sit in your lap if you let her. She hates thunderstorms and fireworks! And she can catch any treat in the air.

What do you like best about her?
She is the sweetest dog. She loves all people but is not a fan of yippy dogs nipping at her legs.

Any funny stories about Cali? 
She was a baby and hadn’t quite grown into her legs, she would try to fetch something running very fast. When she put her head down to grab the toy, her legs just kept going and she would do a somersault every time. She has since learned how to turn her body, so she doesn’t flip. Fetch is her favorite game.

Is Cali spoiled?
I wouldn’t say she is very spoiled. She isn’t allowed on the furniture simply because of
her size, but she is smart enough to figure out that if she gets on the kids' bed or upstairs sofa, she has enough time to get off when she hears us come home, so she isn’t caught. But she has multiple dog beds spread throughout the house. And every time she hears a cheese pack open, she knows a treat is available.

How has she enriched your family? 
Cali came to us at a time when we had to put our previous dog down to cancer although we didn’t know it at the time. She made the grief much more tolerable just being the loving little puppy that she was. She is a blessing, and everyone that meets her loves her. She truly is a one-of-a-kind dog.