Meet the Bernard Family

A united front enjoying life together

Jimmy and Maggie Pere Benard live on Waterview Road with their three children, 19-year-old
Gabe Benard, 16-year-old Piper Benard and 13-year-old Jackson Pere.

“We both work at Stuller,” Maggie shared. “Jimmy is the executive director of manufacturing,
and I am the director of administration, which includes new accounts and customer events. We
are very dedicated professionally, but always find time for family and friends and travel! We are
very involved in Stuller charities such as Parish Proud, Healing House, and Maddy’s Footprints.
Jimmy is also a licensed mortgage lender and executive coach.”

“Once we united households in 2017, we knew we wanted to live in Youngsville, and Sugar Mill
Pond was our perfect destination,” explained Maggie. “I am a runner (most neighbors know me
by seeing me run every day), and my specifications were to find a neighborhood I didn’t have to
drive to in order to run. We also love community involvement and SMP represented every
aspect of that. We gave up more than an acre of backyard to an outdoor space we spend most
of our free time chilling at. We finally found our dream home in 2019 and never looked back.”

“After rescheduling our wedding three times due to covid and challenges with international
travel, we finally tied the knot on January 1, 2022, here in Lafayette at St. Pius church,” Maggie

“We are a blended family, but the kids are more of a unified force than we ever imagined,”
Maggie shared. “We love to spend time together. Our kids are typically with us every other
week, but more and more as teenagers, they enjoy being in SMP and exploring the
neighborhood. If you ever see teenage boys shopping for hours at CVS, that would be Jackson
and his friends! Piper can be found at Andy’s and Gabe at the gym.”

Jackson is a talented and dedicated young athlete. He attends St. Pius School and excels in his
studies while also showcasing his athletic prowess on the baseball field. Playing travel baseball, Jackson honed his skills and brought a contagious energy to every game.

Piper radiated positivity and grace as a cheerleader at Southside High School. Her infectious
smile and energetic spirit made her a beloved member of the cheerleading squad. Piper’s
natural leadership skills and unwavering dedication helped her team achieve great success in
various competitions. Beyond cheerleading, she is known for her compassionate nature and her
ability to uplift those around her.

Gabe is a beacon of love and support for his family and friends. He is currently attending SLCC
studying business administration. Gabe’s kind-hearted nature and sense of humor make him
the life of the party, and his presence brings warmth and laughter to any gathering. He loves
uplifting his friends and training at SMAC.

“I am Polish Canadian and speak fluent Polish,” shared Maggie. “My immediate family lives in
Toronto, Canada and South of France. I try to carry on with Polish traditional meals during the
holidays, and we are also lucky to visit family abroad as often as we can. Jimmy is the only male out of 6 children, so we have a lot of “sister” time when we get to see them, either in Mississippi or Texas.”

Maggie and Jimmy are an adventurous and active couple who thrive on staying fit. They
embrace a variety of activities including running and circuit training. In addition to their love of
fitness, the couple has a passion for travel. “We are very opposite in character, but we are an
amazing force as a team. We love spontaneous trips, and the last few years we spent a lot of time at baseball games and cheerleading tournaments,” said Maggie.

Travel holds a special place in Maggie and Jimmy’s hearts, and they have embarked on
numerous international adventures. Their wanderlust has taken them to breathtaking
destinations like Australia, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, and India, where they have
immersed themselves in diverse cultures and explored the wonders of each country. Notably,
they conquered a marathon in the Swiss Alps, a truly remarkable feat that stands as a
testament to their determination and endurance. Other memorable destinations were Miami
and Key West, Florida, their first family trip to Canada, and tubing at Toledo Bend.

Maggie is no stranger to long-distance running. In fact, she is about to complete her 27th
marathon and has her sights set on one more this year. Her dedication to the sport is inspiring,
and she dreams of eventually participating in the prestigious Boston Marathon, an event that
showcases the world’s most elite runners.

While fitness and travel are cornerstones of their lives, Maggie and Jimmy also take great joy in
hosting and entertaining their loved ones. They enjoy being among their closest group of
friends and family, whether it’s a backyard barbecue or a festive gathering. Jimmy’s culinary
skills on the grill never fail to impress, creating unforgettable moments shared with their loved

Maggie finds pleasure in savoring a fine glass of wine, appreciating its nuanced flavors and the
way it complements different cuisines. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s taste buds lean toward
the rich and complex notes found in whiskey, an indulgence he savors on special occasions or
when unwinding after a fulfilling day.

The Benards’ lives are a harmonious blend of adventure, fitness, travel, and the warm embrace
of their loved ones. Their active pursuits, globetrotting experiences, and dedication to
maintaining a vibrant social circle truly define their rich and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Benard family’s favorite things about living in Sugar Mill Pond are the people, the
community spirit, and, of course, the amenities including a fantastic gym. “During covid shut
down it was our dream come true to be stuck in,” laughed Maggie.