Living Your Senior Years at Wesley Woods

What Does “Home” Mean at Wesley Woods of Newnan?

In just about anybody’s book, the essence of home is a feeling. It’s feeling comfortable, feeling safe, feeling joyful, feeling loved.

It is also, in a very literal sense, the actual physical environment where you settle in and make your home. It is space, layout, walls, windows, views, and finishes. It is the way your place looks and lives.

When you drive onto the 54 tranquil acres that make up the Wesley Woods of Newnan campus, the immediate reaction is this is a pretty place, a quality place. When you look closer, at specific residential options, the reaction is the same.

Wesley Woods of Newnan offers one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and cottages.

Unlike some independent retirement communities, the apartments don’t follow a one-size or one-style fits all model. They range in size from 600 to 1,900 square feet and come in multiple floorplans. And all are complete with everything from full-size appliances to walk-in showers and tubs.


“Cottages have been part of the Wesley Woods of Newnan concept since day one,” says Beth Tripp, Sales and Marketing Director. “When we saw how popular they were, we decided to move into the next phase and build more new cottages.”

The starting point of this new phase was asking potential residents what they wanted. Several hundred surveys were sent out. Then the folks who responded joined focus groups that dove deeper into their wishes. How did they want to live? What kind of space did they prefer? What were their opinions concerning finishes and flooring, and other details?

With that information in hand, Wesley Woods of Newnan turned to the very talented architect Mitch Ginn to develop the new interiors. (If you are a Southern Living reader, you probably see Mitch’s floorplans featured on a regular basis.) His response — spacious, open-concept residences with plenty of relaxing and entertaining space. Top-tier finishes. Beautifully designed details like vaulted ceilings, walk-in showers, stainless steel appliances, and so much more. Overall, a relaxed but elegant environment that residents can customize to make their own.


Of course, there is more to being at home than residing in a nice, beautiful space. And as anyone who knows Wesley Woods of Newnan can tell you, that part of the equation gets full attention here.

All residences (apartments and cottages) are an easy stroll from the Wedgewood Dining Room (delicious), Wedgewood Bistro, the library, game rooms, outdoor courtyard, Wedgewood Boutique (great shopping), and the Wellness Center.

Speaking of wellness, Wesley Woods of Newnan has gained a great deal of positive attention for its unique Wellness Program. The program is built around the belief that there is more to wellness than the physical. It is a big-picture, “mind, body, spirit” approach with programs and activities that take the whole person into account. Naturally, physical wellness does lay the foundation. Fitness classes to improve strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and mobility/agility are offered.

While this story could go on in defining what “home” means at Wesley Woods of Newnan, we decided to cut to the chase and ask the people who have the genuine answers — current residents. Here are some of the responses we got when we asked what “home” at Wesley Woods of Newnan means to them. “Cards on Tuesday afternoon.” “Meals that are delicious and never boring.” “Finding new friends.” “A staff that is caring and professional.” “Going into town for lunch and to shop.” “Riding bikes on the trails.” “A quiet moment at the lake.” “Bookclub.” “My prayer group.” “Putt-Putt with the grandkids.” “Always having someone to talk to.” “No housework.” “Having my children over for lunch.” “Peace of mind.”

Yes, that is only the tip of the iceberg of the positive, happy things we heard during our reporting, but enough to tell you that the folks who call Wesley Woods of Newnan home really mean it.
Wesley Woods of Newnan is the only Life Plan Community in the area — offering assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing.