Symphonic Trumpeter Toby Johnson

Clover Leaf Court

How long have you lived in the neighborhood? 
I moved into the Arbor Springs neighborhood in 2008.
Who is in your family? 
Paul and Gina Johnson are my parents. I have an older brother, Alex, and a younger brother, Luke.
What school do you attend? 
Northgate High School
What are your plans after high school? 
I will attend UGA. I love music, but I don’t know if I will pursue a career in music or engineering. I’m planning on using the first year to take classes in both fields.
What sports and extracurricular activities do you participate in? 
Currently, I am the principal trumpet for the Atlanta Symphony Youth Orchestra and Emory Youth Symphony Orchestra. In the past, I played in Atlanta Youth Wind Symphony, Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra, and LaGrange Youth Symphony Orchestra. I also play bass guitar and electric guitar for my church.
How did you get started with your sport/activity? 
My best friend, Freddy, started playing trumpet in sixth grade and he made it look really fun.
What do you enjoy about your sport/activity? 
I love being in orchestras with other talented musicians, creating beautiful music.
Tell us something you achieved or some highlights of your experience so far in your sport/activity? 
I was principal trumpet in the highest band at All-State this year. Playing Mahler’s Second Symphony was a huge highlight for me.
How do you keep a balance between sports, school, and other activities in your life? 
I don’t have much free time between school and musical commitments. I try to make trumpet fun for myself so I will be motivated to continue practicing and improving.
Name someone you admire. 
While I may not show it, I admire my dad a lot. He always seems to know what’s best in any situation, he is everybody’s friend, and I can’t think of one thing he can’t do, which is a pretty good quality to have.