Boys & Girls Clubs of Coweta County 2022 Annual Oscar Gala

Rufus and Torrice Smith

The Board of the Boys & Girls Club of Coweta County hosted their sponsors, supporters, and friends at the 15th Annual Oscar Gala on February 26, 2022, at the Newnan Centre. The 300 guests in attendance were there to help the Board make its mission possible. The mission of the Board is to ignite the unlimited potential of kids and teens by creating safe, inclusive, and engaging environments.
Miss Norma Haynes, Coweta’s 2022 Citizen of the Year, led the event with a blessing followed by a rousing rendition of "America the Beautiful" by Arnotti Stephens. Guests enjoyed a food and wine pairing with flavors from four different countries – France, Spain, Italy, and the USA. The event was an amazing success and raised more than $156,000, a record amount for the Annual Oscar Gala.
Jeff Coggin and Kim Melhouse served as Co-Chairs of the 15th Annual Oscar Gala. Kim 
said, “Jeff and I set out to host a fun and entertaining event while keeping our eye on the mission and working to support our Clubs and our youth. We can’t say thank you enough to 
our sponsors and to so many people who helped us make this event such a success.”
According to Scott Berta, Board Chair of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coweta County, “There were two important factors which led to the success of this event. First was the commitment of our Board to be in the community sharing information with our sponsors, followed by the overwhelming generosity of both our sponsors and guests. We are thrilled with the success of our 15th Annual Oscar Gala and look forward to providing more support to our clubs and youths as we continue to grow the event for 2023.”
While looking to the future, Berta also reflected on the past. “Our Annual Oscar Gala is well known in the community, especially with this being our 15th year. However, there were some concerns about community awareness after the Gala was virtual in 2021.” Berta went on to say, “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Boards who hosted the Annual Oscar Gala in previous years. Their record of success made it possible for us to re-introduce a live event with an unprecedented level of community support.”
About the Board of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coweta County
The mission of the Newnan-Coweta and Howard Warner Boys & Girls Club Board is to ignite the unlimited potential of kids and teens by creating safe, inclusive, and engaging environments. Our priorities in fulfilling this mission are:
  1. Serve more kids, more often
  2. Achieve greater impact with kids
  3. Realize a strong financial position
  4. Build diverse and effective leaders
  5. Promote a culture of equity and inclusion
In fulfilling our mission, we hope to realize our vision of thousands of young leaders thriving in life and strengthening the futures of their communities and the world.