A Star is Born: Meet Bear Ledford

Arbor Springs Parkway

Family member names: Mike, Tamara, Hannah, Ryan, Clark, Sarah & Rookie
Pet’s name: Bear

Type of animal/breed: Cavapoo
Male or female: Male
Pet’s age: 1
Where/why did you get your pet?  
Bear came from Kansas and we wanted Rookie to have a brother. We also decided we wanted another puppy during Covid! 
Is there a story behind its name? 
We picked his name before we got him. We thought it went well with Rookie. Rookie & Bear 
Anything special or unusual about them? 
He barks at any animal on the TV, and especially likes watching Dug Days. He loves to play with Rookie and runs around like he is doing parkour. He is the happiest little puppy. 
What do you like best about your pet? 
We love everything about him. His long legs are especially cute when he paws at us for attention. 
Any funny stories? 
He loves getting a puppicino from Starbucks or a pup cup from Chick-fil-A. He loves to drive when going for a ride. Always standing on the drivers side arm staring out the window!
How spoiled is your pet? 
Extremely spoiled!
What else should we know about your pet and/or how your pet has enriched your home/family? 
Bear has an Instagram @picture.perfect.bear  You can follow him and see all of his shenanigans!