Adopt, Don't Shop!

Ryan, Nicole, and Jordyn Gholson have their hands and hearts full with four fur babies! Zoey is a 9-year-old female Chihuahua. Jaxon is a 2-year-old male Shih Tzu/Chihuahua. Ellie is a 2-year-old female Yorkie mix. Gemma, a 2-year-old female Boxer mix, completes the family. Animal rescue is very important to Nicole, so all four of their dogs were adopted through rescue.  

Zoey, Jaxon, and Ellie love to play with the neighbor's cat, Winston. Gemma enjoys playing fetch and running in the backyard. When she is done, she has learned how to open the backdoor and let herself back into the house. Jaxon is the smallest of the four, weighing about 12 pounds. He loves to steal the other dogs' toys or chew bones and hide them under the bed so that no one can get to them but him. He is quite the little hoarder! 

All four dogs are super sweet and love to be around people. "They also love to snuggle, which is my favorite," Nicole shares. She admits, "They are all ridiculously spoiled!" Nicole continues, "They are our babies. They are family. There is no way to describe the love and relationship that develops between you and a rescue dog. They know you saved them, and they will love you forever for that! It is simply amazing. So please, remember to adopt, don't shop!"