Sterling's BIG Backyard!

When I moved into the neighborhood over 6 years ago, we almost didn’t buy our house because the backyard was so small. Our family loves the outdoors, so this was a key factor for us. However, we drove around the neighborhood and saw all the wonderful trails and greenspaces available here in Sterling. We decided that since there were enough other spaces for our kids to explore maybe the size of the backyard wasn’t as important. And boy were we right!

For six years my family has explored every area of the neighborhood and has taken advantage of the amazing trails Sterling has to offer. The lakeside trails and the waterfall trails are our favorites! Tucked back in the woods, the waterfall trail is a perfect place to sit and read or take in the fresh air. We enjoy looking for blue herons and other interesting wildlife along the trails as well. If you haven’t started exploring yet, get out there! Soak up this wonderful springtime weather and make some amazing memories along the way!