The Fennell Family

BMB Photography

The Fennells have lived in The Creekside section of Sterling on the Lake for two and a half years, but they haven't always been so involved. "Now that we have a little one, we enjoy all the events that the neighborhood puts on," says Lauren. They truly appreciate all the families and kids who live here, too. "We know that even on a short walk we can expect to have a conversation with a neighbor."

Lauren is originally from Minnesota and Patrick grew up in Florida and Georgia. They've been together for twelve years and married for six. Their meet-cute is one right out of the movies – in high school, a mutual friend set them up after they matched as each other's number one on a Valentine's Day compatibility quiz. Their second date was at Provino's, which is still one of their favorite restaurants.

Their son Wakelin is 1.5 years old and they're expecting another baby boy in July. Wakelin keeps them busy and entertained. "He likes to wave 'hi' to every dog he sees!" says Lauren. Their own dog, Hobbit, was adopted when they lived in Florida. She's spunky, clingy, and loves to give kisses! Both Lauren and Patrick attended UGA and it seems like Wakelin will follow in their footsteps — his first word was "DAWG"!

Currently, Lauren works as an underwriter and Patrick is an actuary. In their free time, they'll play a pick-up game of frisbee with friends and Lauren likes to craft with her Cricut. As a family, they like to hike and get outside, even if it's just at a local park after a busy week. They enjoy having friends over to their home, watching TV, and playing board games. "We've started getting into cooking and grilling a bit more, though that's not always relaxing," jokes Lauren. One of their favorite homemade meals is grape leaves and Syrian rice with eggplant.

They love to get away to the beach; Lauren says it's always an easy, relaxing trip to make. They switched things up on their last vacation though and went to Colorado. It was Lauren's first time visiting the Centennial State and she's dying to get back. "The scenery is gorgeous and there are so many outdoor activities!"

Keep an eye out around Halloween — Lauren is known to carve some pretty cool pumpkins! "They're not as complex now that we have littles, but I still try to do something fun," she says.