Liven Up Your Home with Custom Accent Walls:

An Interview with Gabe Viscomi and Adam Bonk of Palm & Board

Are you tired of living in a home that lacks personality? Do you yearn for a captivating focal point that reflects your unique style? Look no further than Palm & Board, a resident owned business dedicated to installing custom accent walls that breathe life into your living space. Meet Gabe Viscomi and Adam Bonk, the talented duo behind Palm & Board, to learn more about their business and their passion for woodworking.

Palm & Board specializes in transforming mundane walls into stunning works of art that serve as the centerpiece of any room. By providing personalized consultations, Gabe and Adam ensure that each accent wall they create is tailored to their clients' individual preferences. From the initial visit to the client's home and discussion about style choices to the meticulous planning, material selection, and installation process, every step is meticulously executed to deliver exceptional results.

Their journey into the world of custom accent walls began as a hobby for Gabe. With a longstanding love for woodworking, he had been creating accent walls in his own homes for years. When Gabe moved to Sky Crossing, he shared pictures of his latest accent wall on social media. To his surprise, people started reaching out, expressing their interest in having their own walls built. It was at this fortuitous juncture that Gabe's neighbor, Adam, also revealed his passion for woodworking, and the two friends joined forces to bring Palm & Board to life.

When asked about their favorite part of the business, Gabe highlighted the design aspect. He relishes the opportunity to visit someone's home, engage in discussions about their unique style and preferences, and create a design that seamlessly integrates with the existing space. Witnessing the transformative effect an accent wall can have on an entire home is a source of immense satisfaction for Gabe. Meanwhile, Adam finds joy in helping their neighbors create something truly special within their homes. While some walls may have similar designs, each project feels like a unique creation, and the friendships formed along the way have been an unexpected bonus.

Looking to the future, Gabe envisions expanding Palm & Board beyond the confines the neighborhood. However, with both Gabe and Adam working full-time jobs, their availability is limited to weekends, allowing them to complete only one to two walls per month. On the other hand, Adam, who works as a finance manager, relishes the hands-on work and the opportunity to build something tangible outside of his desk job. As he and his wife finalize their backyard design, Adam anticipates that this project will keep them busy for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, Gabe owns and operates a collegiate and K-12 apparel printing business, known as Fabricated Customs, which might be a familiar name to parents whose children attend Sky Crossing Elementary. As for Adam, his journey into woodworking began as a pandemic-induced hobby, resulting in the creation of his own dining room table. Furthermore, he enjoys gardening and hopes to see a bountiful harvest from his backyard fruit and vegetable plants in the coming years. Lastly, both Gabe and Adam have a deep appreciation for nature, often seeking solace in outdoor activities like hiking and visiting national parks.

Despite their busy schedules, Palm & Board has garnered a reputation for their efficiency. Gabe and Adam's secret lies in their meticulous preparation work, which they undertake prior to installation, allowing them to minimize on-site time and complete projects swiftly. This surprising efficiency leaves clients impressed and satisfied with the overall experience.

If you're eager to bring new life to the walls of your home, e-mail Gabe at