Fostering Fur Babies

Meet Sky Crossing residents Paul and Ashley Ortega, who have fostered over 30 dogs in the last two years. They are avid supporters of Woofs, Wiggles n Wags Rescue, a 501C3 charity that rescues and rehomes dogs in need. The couple has two dogs of their own, Sprout and Fred, and take in one or two foster pups at a time.

The Ortegas' love for rescue dogs started long before they began fostering. When Covid hit and they started working remotely, they knew it was the perfect time to begin fostering. After purchasing a lot in Sky Crossing and building a house, they made sure to install tile floors and other custom options that would be suitable for dogs. They also take their fosters to restaurant patios to get socialization and exposure and have even had some adopted while out at brunch.

For Paul and Ashley, the best part of fostering is watching the progression of the dogs they take in. They love seeing their fosters learn how to walk on a leash and come out of their shells. Finding the right fit for a foster and their forever family is incredibly rewarding. While they miss their fosters once they are adopted, it's a joy to see them find their forever homes.

The Ortegas' commitment to fostering is commendable. While they have had many successes, they have yet to have a foster failure. As they have two dogs of their own and do not want to have more than three dogs, they know that if they keep one, they cannot continue to foster. They keep in touch with most of their adopters and love getting "pupdates."

Their love of animals and fostering is infectious, and they are always looking for ways to help more pups. They have had one of their fosters, Gumdrop, now Luna, stay in Sky Crossing and have even had a family who met one of their fosters, adopt a different pup from Woofs, Wiggles n Wags Rescue. They encourage everyone to consider adopting a rescue dog and invite anyone interested in adopting to contact them.

The Ortegas are an incredible example of the power of fostering. Their dedication to rescuing dogs and helping them find their forever homes is inspiring. They remind us that while we may not be able to save every dog, we can do our part to help those in need. And if you happen to see them walking four dogs at once, feel free to stop and ask to pet their fosters - they love getting them socialized and ready for their forever homes! 

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