Sam, Teddy, and Fern

Mixed Bag of Fun!

We are the Thompson Family Pets!
Sam (13-year-old Yellow Lab), Teddy (2-year-old Yorkipoo) and Fern (3-year-old cat!)

How did you join your family? 
Hey y’all! I’m Sam. I was at an animal shelter in Lawrence, Kansas. My mom had been looking for the "perfect dog for kids" for quite a while. The ladies at the shelter told her about me and they adopted me sight unseen.  They say I am the best dog they could have ever asked for (except when I learned how to jump the fence)! 

Hi! My name is Theodore Winston Thompson, aka Teddy. I am the family’s "COVID pup".  My mom found me through one of her former preschool students. My parents hadn’t had a puppy before and were a little nervous about getting one (their other dogs were all rescues). They said that with Sam getting older, it was as good a time as any because he needed to teach me how to be a good boy. I heard mom and dad questioning their decision-making abilities often the first year and a half I was home but now they tell me I’m a really awesome dog.  

Do I have to say hi? I’m so shy. Okay, here goes. I’m Fern, the family cat. Most of my kid’s friends don’t even know I live here. Someone found my 3 siblings and me in a tree and brought us to PAWS where they named us all after trees and plants. That’s how I got my name, Fern. I joined my family shortly after my sister Gabby did. Mom and Dad wanted to bring me in so Gabby wouldn’t feel like she was the only new family member.

What are some of your favorite things to do?
Teddy and I love to go on walks in the neighborhood, hikes at the parks, bike runs, etc. We also thought it was super fun to jump the brick fence, run across Big Bethel and run the neighborhood behind us. Mom and Dad got us a special fence so we can't jump anymore. They say we are safer but man we miss running the neighborhood.

Do they have other pet friends in the neighborhood?
We love it when Cody Lownik comes to visit us while his parents hang out with ours. We also love to say hi to everyone that comes by the house.

Doe you enjoy any special treats?
Our mom buys us Gracie’s Doggie Delights freeze dried chicken hearts. The founder of the company is a young girl with Down Syndrome. She is adorable and we all LOVE her treats!

Do you have any special talents?
My favorite time of day is when emergency vehicles drive by. I howl to make sure Teddy, Fern, and all the neighbors know they're coming. Mom tells me I have a really pretty voice.

Any funny stories?
Last Christmas Eve Mom and Dad let Sam and Teddy outside. They didn't know I followed them out. The next morning, Sam and Teddy chased me up a tree. I go super scared and couldn't get down. Dad had to come up with something pretty creative to get me down. My kids were not happy that they had to wait almost an hour to get to see what Santa brought them.