Boca Charity Surpasses Extraordinary Milestone: 10,000 Beds for Children in Need

...In just five short years serving families in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Sweet Dream Makers reflects back.

At the end of their 5th year in operation, Sweet Dream Makers surpassed a
huge milestone, providing 10,000 beds to children and their families: 10,000 beds, 10,000
reasons, 10,000 stories. Their mission is simple and tangible; to improve the health and
well-being of children and adults in need by providing beds, bedding, and essential furniture at
no cost.
Founder and Executive Director Suzanne Broad saw the need locally and has built an
innovative and efficient program since 2017, working alongside 50+ local social service
agencies to identify families, matching each member of the household with a bed best suited to
them. With a safe, clean, and appropriate place to sleep each night, these families have made
great strides in health and well-being outcomes, school performance, and ability to meet every
day needs.
● Sweet Dream Makers provided 2,884 beds in 2021 alone, a staggering increase since
providing 915 beds in 2017;
● As of today, the charity has distributed 10,048 bed sets: including a new mattress,
mattress protector, box springs, bed frame, bedding, and comforter chosen by the
children, and new fresh pillows, and that number increases daily.
● More than 4,600 families are better rested, stronger, and more prepared to face daily
challenges now that they have a safe and secure place to sleep
● More than 80% of children who receive beds demonstrate significant improvement in
academic performance, behavior, and quality of sleep
● SDM now provides over 300 beds per month to children in need and their families
Families experience bedlessness for a variety of reasons, and each family has its own story.
Some of these causes include co-sleeping, housing placement after being homeless, sleeping
on an air mattress or blanket, surviving domestic abuse, mold or unsanitary conditions, eviction,
cribs needed for a baby due soon, or the economic strain of buying new beds.
One caseworker who refers families from Community Partners, Anthony, knows that when he
visits a home and sees firsthand that beds are needed, he can call Sweet Dream Makers and
they will deliver new beds and bedding within 24-48 hours, providing instantaneous relief,
comfort, and dignity.
Anthony relayed to Sweet Dream Makers, “I’ll never forget this one home I visited. It’s ingrained
in my head. This single mother was working six days a week, trying so hard. I asked her, ‘How
are you sleeping?’ Her 16-year-old son’s room was impeccably clean … but the bed was a
toddler bed and a couch cushion … taped together by duct tape … duct tape! The siblings
needed beds too. There’s an element of shame, you know, parents don’t want to admit that they
need help providing basic necessities. But that’s why we’re here.
Once we set up the bed, it broke the ice. That kid, he realized it was actually real, that this was
for him. His own space, big enough for him, not little cushions taped together. Everyone got new
beds, bedding, and pillows. Our team felt so good about it. How can you get a good night’s sleep
on a makeshift bed like that? I know how these families feel, and I’ve been in their shoes. A nice
firm mattress ... it pays dividends. I’m so happy to partner with Suzy and the good work Sweet
Dream Makers is doing. People really appreciate your help; they do.”
This effort would not be possible without the support of generous donors and board members
like Doris Gillman, who added, “When we tuck our own grandchildren in at night and wish them
sweet dreams, we feel so blessed that we’re able to provide children who are less fortunate the
safety and security of having a bed of their own, too. That’s what every child deserves.”
Sweet Dream Makers extends their heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been on this
journey over the past five years and have been inspired to give back to local families. Together,
our community met the milestone of 10,000 beds in Palm Beach and Broward Counties!
About Sweet Dream Makers
Headquartered in Boca Raton, Sweet Dream Makers delivers new beds, at no cost, to children
and families sleeping on the floor, sharing beds, or sleeping in unsafe, unsanitary conditions. In
addition to the essential foundation of a safe place to rest, each child gets to choose their own
bedding to go with their new bed, giving them ownership and a feeling of dignity and pride and each good night’s rest. More at
Sweet Dream Makers is a top-rated nonprofit with Guidestar, Charity Navigator, Extraordinary Charities, and more.