The Fountain Family!

No Place Like Home!

This month we’d like to introduce you to the Fountain family. Blaise, Sydney, Waylon (girl; 3), and Goldie (girl; 3 months) moved into their home on W. Meadow Park this past May. Blaise and Sydney have been married for 4 years. Their names may sound familiar because they went to school together from elementary through high school in Maize. They “dated” briefly in 7th grade for a week but remained friends throughout school. We reconnected after college and have been together ever since. Sydney said, “We are both from this area. We both went to Maize growing up. We recently moved back to Wichita from McPherson, KS. We have both always loved this neighborhood as we had several friends that lived here growing up. The right house came on the market here at just the right time!”
After high school, Blaise went to Butler Community College then University of New Mexico to play football. Sydney went to Southwestern College, KS for her undergraduate degree and then Stephen F. Austin State University for her Master's degree. Now, Blaise works for Nutrien Ag Solutions as a Sales Manager for Loveland Products. Sydney is a Psychology Professor at Hutchinson Community College.
The Fountain’s two daughters are the light of their lives. “Waylon brings joy everywhere she goes. She instantly puts people in good moods, and everyone has a smile on their face around her. It's an amazing gift she has. She is loving and super goofy! Goldie is still an infant, but her smile lights up a room and nothing is better than her cuddles,” explains Sydney. In addition to their daughters, they also have 2 dogs, Doc (Texas Heeler) and Wrigley (Mini Australian Sheppard).
In their free time, they said they love spending time with their friends and family. They have also recently started getting into golf. The Fountains also love family movie nights. Sydney added, “We also have really enjoyed watching Waylon get into activities. She is currently doing gymnastics and just finished ISR (Infant Swim Resource) swim lessons. Goldie is a great sport and goes along with it all.” They also enjoy the Maize splash pad and walking around the neighborhood, or going to Aroma Coffee where they really enjoy toddler story time.
Some of their other favorites include Blaise's favorite restaurant (Carolyn's Essenhaus in Arlington, KS). It is near his family's farm and according to them “the pie is AMAZING!”   They also enjoy following their favorite football teams including the University of New Mexico Lobos, Dallas Cowboys, and KC Chiefs. When it comes to relaxing at home, they enjoy watching “anything someone recommends. Right now, we are watching lots of Coco Melon and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” said Sydney. One of Blaise's favorite series is Peaky Blinders. Sydney loved Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, and more recently Virgin River.
When asked what their favorite part about living in the neighborhood is, they responded, “We haven't lived here long, but everyone is so friendly! We love how nice everyone is and how we met almost all of our neighbors within the week we moved here! We hope to get involved with the community more here soon.”
It is always so nice to introduce a new family each month. Thank you to the Fountains for letting us get to know a little more about you!