Roy & Kari Hufman

Roy & Kari Hufman (owners of GarageExperts)

This month we’d like to introduce you to Roy and Kari Hufman (owners of Garage Experts). Their business, GarageExperts, is a national brand with local service. “Back in 2014, we saw the growing popularity of stained concrete and epoxy flooring. As the business of concrete stain and coating continued to grow, we decided to partner with GarageExperts so we could offer cabinets and storage for garages as well as the epoxy for the floor,” said Kari. Don’t let the name fool you, however. They aren’t just for garages. Building contractors and commercial and residential owners alike have used GarageExperts. They have done event spaces, dining rooms, bathrooms, offices, warehouses, basements, storage units, patios, and porches.... anything concrete.... they can cover it. Even better, they can do work in any season.
GarageExperts of Wichita is a family-owned business. The Hufman’s daughter and son-in-law work for them, too. Roy and Kari grew up in Augusta and have lived in communities close to Wichita their whole lives. They have five grown daughters that live and work within the state with families of their own. They also have five grandbabies ranging from the age of 6 years to 8 months.
Kari has an Art degree and Roy is a General Contractor. He has been in the construction field for 25-plus years. He has always enjoyed seeing how a project turns out from start to finish. Kari explained, “When we built a house in 2008, we decided to have stained concrete in the basement. We hired a business colleague to do our basement and loved seeing the process and was curious about doing jobs in that field ourselves. Since 2014 we have stained the basement floor in our current home, began applying garage floors in clients' homes and joined the Nationwide business of GarageExperts to offer customers a complete garage makeover which includes epoxy flooring, cabinets, and storage solutions.” They offer a total garage makeover with flooring, cabinets and storage solutions and work alongside their customers by helping them coordinate the colors of their garage flooring and cabinets in a way that is pleasing to the eye.
Given your business expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice (whether general or specific) can you offer to residents?
“Many companies can paint epoxy on a garage floor for a cheaper price, but most likely it will start to delaminate or peel off in less than a year. Our team does not acid etch or power wash as the first step like some cheaper companies out there,” explained Kari, “Our trained installers begin a job right by grinding or profiling the concrete with mechanical grinders to allow the epoxy to properly bond with the concrete. That is how we can offer a Lifetime Warranty against peeling and delamination. When looking for a coating company, always make sure they do the proper prep work. If it's not prepped right, it won't last!”
Roy and Kari build relationships with their clients and several of their epoxy floor clients have now purchased cabinets and storage to complete their total garage makeovers. They have done a job for Reflection Ridge residents Paul and Judy Heitkotter. “They left us a really nice Google Review,” said Kari.

"Extremely professional installation. Roy's crew of David, Raine, and Brandon were each extremely knowledgeable on every aspect of the installation. Drove up to the job just before 8 AM like they said they would and started working immediately. Each person knew what to do without supervision. Highly recommend Garage Experts for a beautiful epoxy garage floor makeover."
P & J Heitkotter
Garage Experts is a member of the Better Business Bureau. Their mission at GarageExperts of Wichita is “to create clean functional spaces using our GarageFX flooring systems, custom-made cabinets and organizational solutions. We strive to grow our business by providing high-quality products, serve people with excellence, value our employees and operate with honesty and integrity.”
We’d like to thank Roy and Kari and Garage Experts for letting us get to know you a little more this month. If you’d like more information or an estimate, give them a call or email. Their contact information is:

(316) 867-9720
Garage Experts
11567 SW 43rd St
Towanda, KS, 67144