Meet Shane Wise & Justin Heckler

Co-Owners of Port City Hurricane Shutters

Hello, we are Shane Wise and Justin Heckler, co-owners of Port City Hurricane Shutters. We have been established in Wilmington and surrounding areas for two years now, providing quality hurricane protection to the residents in the area.

After working for nearly two decades in the highly competitive Florida hurricane protection industry, Justin moved his wife (Kellie), son (Dean), and two dogs for the opportunity to start his own business. Wilmington was chosen after visiting the area and loving how it reminded him of where he grew up before the massive amounts of growth took place. As the business grew, it was clear additional help would be needed to continue this business model of providing the best customer experience. Shane, having 16 years of experience in the hurricane shutter industry, made him a great fit — being family was just a bonus. After the perfect storm of events, Shane agreed and moved his wife (Jackie), daughter (Reese), and dog up while dropping his son (Jaden) off at Florida State University on the way. Since moving to the coastal Carolinas, we have grown to love the people and boating in the area. Our kids have begun to make more friends than we could have imagined, and our wives (sisters) could not be happier with the transition.

We have truly grown our business from the ground up. We are unique in that we are a generational family in the industry. Our father-in-law, with whom we got our start in the industry, has been working with hurricane shutters since the early 1990s. His daughters (our wives) grew up on job sites and were present for many installations.

We have worked to provide our customers with not just a quality product but a great experience from start to finish. It is our top priority to grow a personal connection with all of our customers. While working in Florida, we realized that as a company grows, customer appreciation became less prioritized. Once we moved up, we made it our mission to ensure that no matter the size of the company, we will always strive to make every customer feel completely satisfied with their storm protection needs.

Port City Hurricane Shutters provides several different storm protection options. We work on windows, doors, sliders, and any other opening that a customer wishes to have protected. We offer many types of shutters, including accordion, roll-down, colonial, and Bahamas. These options allow us to meet the expectations and desires of our customers. We truly want to provide the best service we can to as many people as we can. The advice we give to all of our customers is to get as much information as you can about the products and the company. We are happy to go over everything in detail to give you everything you need to make a good decision.

Coming from Florida, we hold our business to the high standards of Florida rules, codes, and restrictions. We continue to provide the same standards here, regardless of the lack of requirements or enforcement. Hurricanes can be devastating, so we take pride in being able to provide protection for our friends and neighbors, their homes, as well as their families.

We are grateful this area has allowed our business to thrive over the past few years, even with everything going on. We know if we continue to do things and provide the things we want, then we will continue to grow. We look forward to growing in Porters Neck and getting to know all of the residents. If you ever see us, please feel free to come up and spark a conversation! Our families appreciate you all for the business.

“After 11 years and a few hurricanes, we decided to better protect our Porters Neck home.  As part of my due diligence, I contacted several contractors for estimates. I was surprised to find that Port City Hurricane Shutters provided an estimate far less than their competitors. The installation process was accomplished to our complete satisfaction.  When an electrical issue needed a solution, they got it done. There were no after-the-fact “add-on” costs. Some of the additional costs identified by others were included in the Port City Hurricane Shutters contract price. We were very pleased with the courtesy and efficiency of the installation team and have gone ahead with an additional order to complete the house, made possible by the reasonable cost to complete phase one.”  Bob and Nancy Finan, Porters Neck Plantation