Meet Matthew Beatty

with Thrivent Financial

“Matthew Beatty and his team at Thrivent Financial helped us create a comprehensive picture of our current financial situation. Matt listened intently to our goals and suggested strategies to achieve them. He also found our blind spots and suggested ways to better use our assets. The team at Thrivent took the overwhelming process of financial planning and made it easy, manageable, and achievable.” – Sarah Cain
The Fairway Financial Group opened its doors in 2018 as an independent extension of Thrivent. The team is comprised of three advisors and two administrative assistants based throughout North Carolina and Georgia. By empowering clients to create a legacy of financial wisdom through dependable advice, the Fairway team aims for each client to embrace a healthy relationship with money.
Founder Matthew Beatty Grew up in Charlotte and is a UNCW graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in business marketing. While living in Virginia and daydreaming of their retirement, Matthew and his wife Adrienne decided to settle down in the Porters Neck Plantation community. They both fell in love with the traditional community feel and knew it was the perfect neighborhood to raise their children, Jackson, Abigail, and Bennett. You can often find the young Beatty children playing with mom and dad in their front yard just off Wild Dunes Circle. The Beatty family enjoys fishing in local ponds, playing tennis, and playing 18 holes at the community golf course. Matthew and his wife take pride in supporting local businesses and indulge in a good brew at their favorite brewery, Outer Dunes, as often as they can. 
After graduating from UNCW, Matthew moved back to Charlotte, where he was a sports and aquatics director with the YMCA. He began his advice career with Thrivent in 2012 and was relocated to Virginia before settling in Wilmington. Matthew was driven to open his office because he saw a lack of true advising within the area. He feels a calling to help individuals and families navigate through important life events no matter where they are on their financial journey. 
As dedicated as Matthew is to his clients, he is equally as dedicated to his team members. By celebrating the different strengths of each team member, the well-rounded team is qualified to advise people from every walk of life. The Fairway team takes pride in ensuring the needs of their clients are met by offering personalized advice and walking each client through the thought process behind the given advice. Matthew focuses on reaching goals instead of chasing numbers, and he feels the team has achieved success by helping their clients achieve their financial goals.
If the Fairway Financial Group could advise the residents of Porters Neck on one topic, they would like everyone to know how great of an impact tax implications can have on them for the rest of their lives. Fairway team members truly focus on multigenerational advising while advertently being strategic about tax implications and money management. This strategy helps today’s clients achieve their financial goals and establishes a solid foundation for generations to come. Matthew and his team are devoted to their clients and are thankful for the lasting relationships that have been developed over the years. Matthew enjoys learning about the different residents of Porters Neck and hopes you will say hello next time you see the family playing in the front yard, or give the office a call and mention you read about the team in Stroll Porters Neck for a free financial advising consultation.
Fairway Financial Group
1508 Military Cutoff Rd., Suite 206, Wilmington, NC 28403