Parkwood Knolls is Recognized by the City of Edina

The Parkwood Knolls neighborhood is officially recognized by the city of Edina as an organized neighborhood. With the efforts of Kerry Kirvida, Parkwood Knolls Association (PKA) President, and the PKA volunteer committee, the recognition process required by the city was completed and approved in late 2021.

To become a city-recognized neighborhood association, neighborhoods must establish an organizing team of interested and involved community members, notify city staff that they are interested in becoming recognized, host a neighborhood-wide meeting, and submit an application to the city. Recognized neighborhood associations build community by organizing voluntary projects based on community interests, supporting other city programs, promoting social activities, and ensuring neighborhood safety.

The city now has a total of 12 recognized neighborhoods that also include Arden Park, Chowen Park, Concord, Creek Knoll, Lake Cornelia, Morningside, Pamela Park, South Cornelia, Strachauer Park, Sunnyslope, and White Oaks neighborhoods.