Meet Oakley Florida

A Parkwood Knolls Celebrity Pup!

Oakley Florida sought out fame early, having her first big "break" on the Jimmy Fallon show in 2015! Going by her stage name 'American Pharoah,' she correctly predicted the Kentucky Derby Winner! 

Oakley ultimately left the bright lights of Hollywood for a warm and loving home in Parkwood Knolls, being loved and taken care of by her parents and human "siblings" Madeleine, Zoe, and Chase — who also is my fourth-grade classmate at Blake. The Florida family was initially drawn to Oakley, thinking she would be an energetic companion for their active family — little did they know, she was looking for a quieter lifestyle after her time in the spotlight.  
Name: Oakley Florida
Home: Scriver Road
Breed: English cream golden retriever
Gender: Female
DOB: February 2015
POB: North Carolina
Likes: Oakley loves Food, being near her people, and her stuffed animals. She also likes taking long walks in the woods, but only in cooler weather — perfect for Minnesota!
Tricks:  Oakley received her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification with some help from her "sisters" Madeleine and Zoe. They served as Oakley's handlers during the training classes and were responsible for reinforcing the training at home. They almost had Oakley certified as a therapy dog, but they couldn't break Oakley's habit of resting her paw on the person giving her attention.
Fun Facts: When Oakley was 3 months old, she appeared on Jimmy Fallon's Puppy Predictor for the 2015 Kentucky Derby. Oakley represented the horse American Pharoah, and she accurately predicted the Kentucky Derby winner.
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