Exploring Spain

My family went to Spain for school break. We were there for a week and stayed at various hotels in Barcelona, Girona, Besalu, Montserrat, Granada, and Seville.
In Barcelona, we visited La Sagrada Familia, a stunning church with large stained-glass windows that flooded the church with rainbow light and large pillars that extended to the ceiling like tall white trees. Sagrada Familia was dreamed of by nature-inspired architect Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi liked to replace hard edges with curves and rounded shapes. His designs were unique and creative, the wavy frames of his works easily distinguishable from any of the other buildings on the street. We visited other whimsical buildings created by Gaudi, such as the Casa Mila, Park Guell, and Casa Batllo.
My favorite part of the trip was our time in Pals, a beautiful medieval village with vivid green plants spilling down the walls of buildings and soaring arches leading to more cobblestone streets. It was a picturesque place, and every sight looked like it had flitted out of a Monet painting.
We saw the Alhambra in Granada, the Black Madonna in Montserrat, and Alcazar in Seville, two other breathtaking sights. We ate seafood and chicken paella in Barcelona, the local cuisine.
If you ever plan on going to Spain, I'd recommend taking a good camera for the beautiful views and an open mind to try new things! Also, make a note that you're going to see a LOT of perfume ads. Everywhere.