Tami Fox

This month's Sponsor Spotlight focuses on Tami Fox, who is with Keller Williams.  Tami has a long history in the region and is a positive force in the community.  She is a person that enjoys working with people to make their dreams real and genuinely wants to make the community a better place.  Let's take a few minutes and learn more about her!

Growing up in the region and currently residing near picturesque Lake Hickory in the Bethlehem community, I am a local Realtor® with deep roots in the community. After homeschooling for two decades, my love for learning led me to a new path. I made the decision to obtain my real estate license, harmoniously combining my passion for home organization and my long-standing fascination with architecture.
What brings me fulfillment is witnessing the transformative power of homeownership and the joy it brings. I love actively assisting individuals in finding their dream homes and right-sizing residences to suit their needs. My dedication is evident in my meticulous attention to detail. I enjoy offering guidance and staging services when helping clients sell their homes, providing inviting touches to create a welcoming atmosphere. When searching for a new home for clients, I invest time in truly understanding their desires and requirements, attentively listening to their needs, wants, and wishes.
My genuine passion for homes extends beyond real estate. I impart invaluable advice to homeowners on maintaining a harmonious living space. Since 2015, I have been sharing my insights through a daily decluttering newsletter. I suggest making the decluttering process enjoyable by turning it into a game and searching for items within one's home that can be given away. To ensure these items find new homes, I advise placing them in the car and dropping them off during regular errands.
With a 33-year-long marriage and six children, my personal life is intertwined with the local community. My daughter lives on the Isle of Palms, and my five sons and two grandchildren still reside in the area. Our mini farm includes two goats and a Golden Retriever. My affection for my community knows no bounds, and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. The region's abundant lakes, mountains, and endless recreational opportunities contribute to its undeniable allure.
Educational pursuits played a role in shaping my professional journey. I completed high school at Fred T. Foard and pursued business classes at Catawba Valley Community College. Subsequently, I earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Phoenix. In 2018, I became a licensed real estate agent, embarking on a career that I wholeheartedly consider the best job in the world. I am also a Notary Public.
My passion for the community is evident. I dedicate myself to organizing Blood Drives, volunteering at Habitat, supporting local women's recovery programs, and engaging in church activities. Always on the lookout for opportunities to give back, I recognize my unique position in identifying grassroots needs and addressing them proactively.
My commitment to my clients, love for the Hickory area, and dedication to community betterment set me apart as a Realtor® who goes above and beyond. I want to ensure my clients’ communities, including Moores Ferry and Governor’s Harbour, remain great places to live. With my expertise and meticulous attention to detail, I am a trusted guide in real estate, receiving regular referrals from past clients while consistently bringing smiles to the faces of those I currently serve.