Corinth UMC Mission trip to Nicaragua

Our neighbors are such amazing stewards of their time and generosity! Recently, The Carlino's family and Samuel McGuire, all part of Corinth UMC visited Nicaragua.  Their hands did great work and their hearts were forever changed by the experience.  Read on to find out more from Lydia!

Our trip was amazing. Nick and I, along with our kids, spent our spring break as a family serving on a Nicaragua mission trip team with Corinth Reformed Church in Matagalpa, Nicaragua. We served meals to over 400 children living in extreme poverty and fell in love with all of them. For most of them, it was the only meal they got in a day. 
We made bunk beds, packed and delivered food bags to families, led worship, played games, washed feet and distributed shoes, and did lots of praying and reminding the people of Nicaragua that they are deeply loved by Jesus and us.

Our teenagers were greatly impacted. It was their first time on a mission trip, and it was life-transforming to see firsthand how people live in parts of the world that deal with extreme poverty. Maleah and Mason, like most teens, long to be a part of something bigger and to make a difference in the world. On this trip, they did just that. While many of their friends went on luxury vacations back home, they worked hard during spring break and were blessed beyond measure in the process.

Such a life-transforming experience!