Meet Wrigley

Wrigley is a beloved beagle, five years old in dog years and 35 years old in human years.
He belongs to the Haslam family, who have lived in Long Point for 13 years. There is John (dad), Laura (mom), and sisters Claire (15) and Brooke (13). Wrigley is an active and fun-loving dog who is protective of his family, although he does enjoy attention from others.

When Laura, Wrigley's mom, was growing up, she had a beagle named Sneakers. She wanted her family to experience the same love and companionship she enjoyed. They traveled to Hampton, Georgia, to adopt Wrigley when he was eight weeks old. He is a quick learner and is eager to please, especially when treats are involved. Wrigley has learned commands like sit, stand, stay, and dance!

Wrigley's greatest fear is the possibility of missing his dinner time as he thoroughly savors his food. He loves taking walks around Long Point and is friendly toward children, adults, and other dogs. When he encounters a potential friend, he gets into a playful position on the ground, ready for fun.

Yogi, the Shay family's Golden Retriever, is Wrigley's best friend in the neighborhood. They enjoy spending time together and get super excited when they see each other. Wrigley leads an active lifestyle, going for walks, riding on the family's golf cart, and going on car rides, where he eagerly spots squirrels through the car window.

According to his family, Wrigley would raid the pantry and eat everything inside if no one were watching! Food is a priority. However, he is most grateful for the love and constant attention he receives from the Haslam family. Wrigley is showered with pets and belly rubs, making him one lucky pup.

Wrigley and his family frequently visit Folly Beach in South Carolina from September to May. They stop at their favorite restaurant, Taco Boy, during their trips. From walks around the neighborhood, scenic drives around the islands, and beach day trips, Wrigley and his family are making the most of their time together. Life is good for Wrigley!