The Buck Family

Meet the Bucks, a dynamic family that brings their unique blend of interests, community involvement, and resilience to Long Point. Lindsay, Scott, and their son Grant (8), accompanied by their cherished miniature longhaired dachshund, Quincey (15), have made their mark in the community. “We're the Bucks! No, we're not related to Joe Buck—a different tribe of Bucks.” Lindsay clarifies.

Hailing from Savannah, the Bucks planted their roots in Long Point three years ago, just as the city shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Their move was smooth, thanks to the essential workers who made it possible.

Lindsay, a dedicated 4th and 5th-grade gifted teacher and academic coach at Hesse K-8 School, was honored as Hesse's Teacher of the Year in 2018. Scott has established himself as a successful concrete contractor and proud owner of Intracoastal Concrete Construction, LLC. This company recently earned the title of runner-up for Best Concrete Company in the "Best of Savannah Homes 2023."

Quincey Buck, also known for his charming array of nicknames, has quite the regal AKC name, "Quincey King of Hearts at Smokerise"! “Fancy, right? He’s a lot fancier than we are,” Lindsay points out. The Buck family adopted him from a loving home where he was initially part of a family that showed dachshunds. They were looking to rehome Quincey so they could bring in another dachshund and just weren't going to have room for him. “Poor Quinny. I'm not sure how ANYONE could possibly give this dog up, but I'm SO grateful that they did! He is the sweetest, funniest, most patient (except when food is involved), and most loving dog I've ever known. He's going to have to live to be at least 25 because I don't know what I'll do without him!” Lindsay reflects.  

The fish, "Blue Fish" and "Black Fish," seem to have defied the odds and become part of the family for much longer than anticipated. Surviving challenges like the "Great Algae Bloom," house moves, and even a fin disease, they've proven to be quite resilient little companions.

Weekends are a special time for the Bucks. They love to immerse themselves in outdoor activities, whether boating, shark tooth hunting, poolside relaxation, or enjoying Little League baseball games where Grant shines. Quality time with their family in Savannah is a treasured tradition, and even a trip to Home Depot becomes an adventure. Lindsay is an avid baker who loves cooking, making Target runs for retail therapy, Diet Coke, and wine nights (or any nights) with family and friends. “I enjoy kite surfing... Just kidding. I enjoy hanging out in the garage and working around the house and going to the pool.” Scott teases.

Travel, when Scott’s business allows, is something the Bucks love to do. Getting together with family never takes a back seat. Lindsay reminisces, “For many years, my family has enjoyed celebrating ‘Thankmas,’ which is a combination of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since my mom's sisters and my cousins all lived in different cities, we decided it would be easiest to meet up each year for one joint holiday instead of two.” Providing a reminder that even amid life's busyness, the essence of togetherness remains at the heart of their celebrations.

Community involvement is a significant aspect of the Bucks' lives, as they actively volunteer at their church, in their neighborhood and participate in fishing tournaments and charitable events through organizations like the Savannah Sport Fishing Club and the Savannah Yacht Club. Their dedication to community service reflects their commitment to making a positive impact on those around them.

The Bucks’ journey has been marked with joy and adversity. The loss of Grant's identical twin, Wyatt, at 30 weeks led them to become involved with Hospice Care of the Lowcountry's "The Harper Project." This initiative supports families navigating the challenging path of pregnancy and newborn/infant loss, highlighting the Bucks' compassion and commitment to helping others through difficult times. The Bucks’ commitment to upholding family traditions, exploring the great outdoors, and serving the community exemplifies their love, unity, and resilience, which is inspiring.