Adventures of Sweet Maizey Jane

Hey pals, it's Sweet Maizey Jane, sharing my pawsome journey from Las Cruces, New Mexico, during Thanksgiving. They named me Maizey to honor the season and the awesome Mexican vibes. Turns out, Maizey means corn, the first-ever domesticated in Mexico. Cool, huh?

I'm a mix of terrier, German Shepherd, and mystery breeds - confirmed by DNA. An adventurer at heart, mountains and swimming are my jam. But the real party's at my human's workplace, Berkshire Hathaway, where I'm the office superstar, greeting my favorite peeps and furry colleagues.

With more frequent flyer miles than you can imagine, I've conquered planes, road trips, and hotels. A seasoned traveler, I'm a pro at making any place my cozy den. Despite my adventures, I'm a laid-back, well-behaved companion. No need for tons of gifts; I treasure being wherever my human is. Strangers shower me with compliments, but I do have a tiny hiccup – I'm a bit scared of small, giggly humans. Can you blame me?

So, that's my story – Sweet Maizey Jane, the Thanksgiving miracle, spreading love, joy, and wanderlust wherever I go! Woof-woof!